Screen grab in notes

  • I tried to use the Add screenshot button in the notes section nothing hapend! infact not of the buttons in the note section for screen shot work.

    The ones on the lower toolbar bottom right hand corner work Okay.

    Vivaldi version 1.7.735.29 (Official Build) (32-bit)

  • @jb2017
    I've got no problem here.

    The one on bottom right (status bar) is web page (entirely) screenshot.

    By default, if we copy selected word/sentence to Note, the page area screenshot is instantly provided.

    You didn't get page thumb on bottom left side of Note panel?
    If there's one, you will see magnifying glass & minus sign when you hover above it.

  • Hi, I have it working now. What I was doing was creating a new folder and then while in this folder selecting one of the Add screenshot buttons in the notes section and expecting this to work which it does not, it only works if you create a new note in the new folder first then select an add screenshot option.

    Thanks for the help.


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