make web panel open in front of the main page

  • its so annoying that the browser re-renders/resizes the webpage every time the web panel is opened or closed.
    say if I have a panel for chat I might open it to type in a few messages then close it, all in a few seconds. so it makes sense to me if the web panel opens in front of the main window instead of next to it. this way the whole browser doesn't have to re-render everything every time I have a new message popping up.
    also add a hotkey for quick open/close of web panel.
    I know some people might have the panel open all the time? so may be make my suggestion an option.
    or if there's already that option then please enlighten me.

  • It's not possible to customize that through the settings yet, but there is a modification for this.

  • @pafflick thanks, did it.
    still hope they add it to the settings, though.

  • i had a short conversation about this feature with developer and made a request in bug-report system. he promised to help with promoting it inside. lets just wait now.

    i use these code to reach what we want:

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