Hello, love this browser.

  • Hey, i love this browser. keep up the good work, it's great in the right places. especially love the tabs being coloured in different websites.

    however, where do i install add ons? lol

  • @wok
    Hello & Welcome.
    And, what do you mean by

    where do i install add ons?

    If it's extension just do like you do in Chromium/Chrome.

    Bare in mind,

    • Chrome Extensions that depend on Google Sync won't work (yet)
    • Chrome Extension that alter/tweak tabs/windows definitely won't work (probably yet).

  • Thanks. 😃 @dLeon

  • Moderator

    @wok: In the UI, select Menu/Tools/Extensions and it will take you to your extensions page. On that page is a link to "Get More Extensions" and that links to the Chrome Store. That's Vivaldi's parallel to an "add-ons" feature in other browsers.


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