History panel - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.29

  • Vivaldi Team

    Work continues as we progress to a 1.7 final in the (very) near future but before that happens we wanted to give you a final treat. Today's snapshot includes a history panel. We also include an extra visual clue when a wesbite requests password information over a non encrypted connection.

    See the full blog post here

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    You seem to be here a lot… ;)

  • Super happy you included the History panel, but where's the internal history page? And download page?

    I'm guessing if there's not history page, it probably means there's still stuff to do on it like deleting of cache function, files, history, pages, etc. as that's part of Chromium's internal page, right?

  • Add a history panel

    Amazing! Finally can use history while changing tabs!

    Just one question: Whats the small number after some of the links?

  • Thank you all so much for the hard work! Love your browser (and have loved it since I started using it back in 2015)!

    There's just still this pesky, nagging problem that doesn't seem to be getting attention in each release, I'm sure I can't be the only one with the issue since it was addressed in a previous build before rearing it's ugly head again sometime towards the end of last year. Basically the size of an extension's pop-up window is formatted incorrectly, and cannot be scrolled. Relevant bugs:

    (VB-11612) Extension pop-up size erroneous (from 2015)
    (VB-11617) Extension pop-up size erroneous (from 2015)
    (VB-24080) Extension pop-up window not formatted properly (my most recent report, Dec 2016)

  • I could have been even firstlier before you Olli but just chose to not bother posting a comment… :P

  • Number of visits for each detailed URL.
    You seem to have two same URLs but they are probably different if you enable Show Full URL in Settings -> Address Bar.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Ha, the history panel even more powerful & useful that vivaldi://history. It easier to delete a bunch of stuff there.

    What's the number on end side mean?

  • This version still has the regression where I can pin a tab using a configured keyboard shortcut but I can't unpin a tab using a keyboard shortcut. In an older version, hitting the keyboard shortcut on a pinned tab will unpin it.

  • It still doesn't seem to be possible to drag a tab into another Vivaldi window. If you don't drag into the tab bar, it will just stay there. Really finicky when you happen to have a few tabs open because it's very easy to accidentally create tab stacks.

  • The history panel is great!
    That's what I needed. Thanks.

  • Moderator

    Hi. Just a suggestion… as we get close to a new stable release, would it be possible for you to create a web page with a list of release blockers and regressions that you're tracking and planning to fix, and strike out the issues that have been resolved? We don't need the bug details. This will cut down on the number of duplicate bug reports (and "friendly reminders") that you receive while also giving us assurance that the remaining critical bugs (that we've taken the time and effort to troubleshoot and report) are being dealt with.


  • I could have posted even before, but decided to wait just before poster nr 2 :-p

  • Is the History panel going to get the tree-branch list functionality like bookmarks and notes?

  • A HISTORY panel! Thank you so much. I love it. It works very well.

  • History panel is awesome, can't wait for next stable release.
    Thank you very much Vivaldi team!

  • Select all in history panel and delete froze Vivaldi and then it crashed and restarted.

    There's no shortcut yet to open it and it's not listed in Settings, Keyboard.

  • brilliant. great work (y)

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