Closing in on the 1.7 final - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.27

  • Vivaldi Team

    It's the last day of the month and here we are with another snapshot, focusing on fixing as many regressions as we can, to give you a polished and stable release.

    Screenshots often replace the written communication in our lives and built-in screenshot functionality in Vivaldi only makes your browsing easier. We have received some great feedback on this feature and we have added another dimension to it. This time it is in the Notes panel. You could already save screenshots for your records but now you can capture selected areas of the websites and add them to the notes. The ability to capture the selected areas helps you to share information more efficiently.

    As we continue to work on a stable release, here are a few highlights that are worth a mention such as deleting typed history in the private data section should now work correctly. There is also a reason for our Mac users to smile as the capture page now works through mac’s native menu. Take a look at the changelog for a full overview of the changes.

    See the full blog post here

  • Hi all!

    One question: Why do not work the search suggestion (Google search) with hungarian language? It would be a unique problem?

  • Moderator

    Thank you for the update. Installed and testing now.

  • bookmark search, after deleting searched word, all folders are closed 😞

  • Moderator

    Thank you for next SS. Also thanks for clear Typed history in Clear Private Data, works fine! 😉 But still is not fixed Clear Private Data doesn't remember settings (VB-24193) 😢

  • Nice but I have an issue (blocker in my opinion):
    JumpListIcons - size of this folder is constantly growing. After some time I have 627 MB. I must remove it manualy. Last time it has 2,5 GB! And this is direct cause of issue VB-24021 - the half of UI doesn't respond! After removing the folder problems disappear (until size grows again).

  • Please read ruari

    • Vivaldi saved the captures without asking on $HOME/Pictures/Vivaldi Captures/
    – better save this with asking or in download folder.
    • The capture file name is very cryptic, better with organized time stamp:
    – e.g. vivaldi-[translate]-%H-%M-%S.png/jpg


  • keyboard mapping still messed up for me in settings: "+" mapped to/shown as "=" etc.

  • Moderator

    Exactly, I totally agree with everything. Certainly fix it before releasing the final version 1.7 :!:

  • seems a chrome issue
    I have no idea what this folder is for but mine was about 2mb with 80 files, I could delete it safely,
    tmp files reappear at every restart of Vivaldi

  • Moderator

    Hi. It's not listed in the Changelog but I see that the Chromium base has been updated to 56.0.2924.77. Thanks!

    (FYI, it looks like Google will be building the next 56-stable update tonight based on whatever fixes have been checked in by 5:00 PM Pacific time, including some important fixes submitted today.)

    Just a reminder, some of the (Mac?) UI glitches (e.g. entering/editing theme hex colours) are still unfixed.

    The big bug still outstanding from my perspective is the Blank/Dead tabs that result when moving Tab Stacks to a lower hierarchical window. Any underlying issue that contributes to a browser crash makes me VERY nervous.


  • Moderator

    (VB-16517) Settings Dialogue Does Not Remember its Size

    This bug causes problems with mapping keyboard shortcuts if UI Zoom > 100%. Not all commands are listed unless the dialogue is resized first. After resizing, the size is forgotten the next time the dialogue is opened.

    Thus it is hard for new users to find all available commands.

    (VB-25428) Keyboard Mappings Truncated at UI Zoom 120%

  • Small regression with menu button and corner rounding VB-24422

  • Your regular updates are very much appreciated. I have one suggestion. Is there any chance to implement alphabetical ordering or some sort of similar behaviour for adding a bookmark by clicking on the right side of address bar, similar to sidepanel? I noticed the items/folders are NOT in the same order as in my sidebar. It seems to be random?! Is this expected behaviour or bug? It is incredibly annoying when you are adding new bookmark and can't find appropriate folder in randomly organized selection. This simple thing is driving me crazy from the beginning. Hope you guys will look at it soon. Cheers.

  • The capture UI that opened when I click status bar button looks very strange for me. Well, I expected a bit more user friendly UI from vivaldi team 🙂
    For example, no tabs, 3 radios "… PNG ...", "... JPG ...", "... Clipboard..." and two buttons: "Capture Page" and "Select Area".

    P.S. Still waiting for mail.

  • It's just UUID
    But I agree that timestamp could be more human readable.
    Maybe add it as a request to tracker?…

  • The typed url history dropdown stays open sometimes, so that it is in front of all tabs and can't be closed. But i can't find a way to reproduce it. A browser restart fixes it.

  • (VB-25342) Widevine Content Decryption Module needs to be updated to Version:
    needs to be adressed before stable relase this is affecting some internal sites in particular the intenal site for amazon prime video please address this asp thank you!

    • still waiting for context menu for bookmarks inside bookmark folders on bookmark bar

  • (VB-25342 is the only thing still preventing me from using Vivaldi as my daily browser fully it sucks that if have to switch to standard chome just to watch amz video because V is outdated as far as Widevine Content Decryption Module goes


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