This Day and That Year: Incredible two years!

  • We salute you, brave hearts!
    I'm twenty years with Opera, now two years with you, and forever!
    Strength! Success! Victory!

  • I know many will say what does this post have to do with browsers, well it has to do with the design and ingenuity of European especially Norwegian area companies. I was using Viv to watch Flights coming into Denver cause my cousin was flying a small plane into that area.

    I saw a plane that sent me to Pilatus aircraft website that I knew nothing about! Wow to my unbelievable surprise did I see a PC24 all ought to see. It was like my first introduction to Opera, then watching Vivaldi grow into a awesome, beautiful in every way and solidly built.

    All ought to go to to see the COCKIEST looking business jet I've ever seen! JON ought to get one and put a Viv logo on it or at least a PC12.

    Please don't flame me cause you can't see the complement I am giving you developers etc. and don't like planes or can't see analogies. And yes maybe Swiss is not Norwegian but to us in USA the west takes in far more area than two states so…close enough.

  • just wanted to say thanks, a friend.

  • Hello Vivaldi-team, thank you for more than two years of your hard work! Without you I would have to stick around with Chrome or Firefox all the time. shudder

    However, I miss a behaviour: I have set "gesture right" as scroll to bottom and "gesture left" as scroll to top. Most of the time it works perfectly well but there are some pages that embed a frame of some kind. When performing the gesture above that area I'd like to scroll its content instead the page that area is embedded in. Would it be possible to make an option for that? Thanks and happy coding!

  • My three favorite features:

    1-I realize that the main characteristic for me is to browse through Vivaldi "per se", for its beauty and aesthetics graciously bestowed upon me. Don't forgetting performance.

    2- Amazing appearance / themes customization.

    3 - Not being a powerful user, I can ascertain, within a pure inner rapture, that, even so, the conditions to travel through the internet by this browser are totally within my possibilities. This is: it offers a lot, but it can be used with simplicity, for those who prefer it.

    Congratulations to all: Owners, administration, public relations turned to users and mainly to these: us, the exquisite users.

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