This Day and That Year: Incredible two years!

  • Vertical tabs.
    MRU-tab switching (both Ctrl/Cmd+Tab and especially RMB+scroll).
    Hibernating tabs.

  • Happy Chinese new year.

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    Or from version 1.13 to 2.0. Why not? EVERY time a software developer releases a new whole-number version, the version numbers of prior releases become irrelevant. The exception to this is when the public-facing version numbers are completely uncoupled from the "filename version number." For instance, recently Corel released Paint Pro X9. The actual version number of the software is But when EMClient updated from version 6 to version 7, the jump was from 6.2.3 (build 6.0.24928.0) to 7.0.0 (build 7.0.26567.0). There was never any version 6.3 through 6.9 - but you notice that the build numbers take note of what version is current, plus they have an incremental section as well. Probably, the current version 7 is the 26,567th in-house build since they first started developing the software, or it's build 7 of day 2,656 in development, or whatever.

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    I had ignored removing the close x till reading your post. It's what I need. Thank you for the reminder!

  • @YamiryuuZero:

    I love the tab handling too! I removed the close buttons and use the scroll button to close them! Single click, simple and efficient, doesn't require precise mouse accuracy and I won't close them by mistake when the tabs are squinted together!

    I used to do that too, but then my scroll click broke and I have to do it the old fashioned way, that is, unless I buy a new mouse.

  • I'm not fluent with gab as some…no particular feature on present ver,
    No. 1
    Being others have mentioned it EMAIL integrated in browser will be GREAT again. That was my greatest since Opera M3. Never used Opera much when new company took over, last was 12.17 ver.
    No. 3
    Work flow or compatibility to configure the way I want which is simplicity.

    I've forgotten so much about what I loved about it now hard for me to transfer those feelings to Viv. I used FF for a very long time but prefer Viv to FF. Some things are hard to get in a moving target of features, that problem is slowing down with base completed.

  • I just found my last comment at the opera blogs in your link: :lol:
    "Thanks, thats exactly what Opera 13 should have been.
    Search is over.
    Goodbye everyone."

  • Happy birthday, Vivaldi! I wish you grow in power and soon become one of the winners in the global browser war!

    Thank you, Jon and team, for bringing back to us, dedicated old Opera users, the hope that a software gem is not lost forever, but is revived and goes on even more powerful and closer to perfection. You made a good start, don't stop being creative and making Vivaldi better and better! Best wishes to you all!

  • Happy birthday, Vivaldi.
    You did a great job. Keep continuing the work…
    I saw the news on the Opera blog and changed for the very first public build.
    Never changed back and so happy I did it 🙂

  • I had no idea close buttons on tabs could be removed. I don't suppose it can be done for the program itself? Forgive me for repeating myself, but I would really like to be able to disable the close button. My brain sadly will not allow me to remember not to hit it.

  • Happy 2 years!.

    Fav features:
    1- Tab Handling and Settings. (Tabs positioning, tabs switching in the order I want (even tho it is sometimes inconsistent), new tabs order (again sometimes inconsistent specially when set next to active tab), tabs preview and others. No other browser has this many options and configurations not even with extensions. This is the killer feature for me.
    2- Mouse gestures and all hotkeys and options to control the browser.
    3- Side panel (another killer feature)

  • Happy birthday and thank you very much for a fantastic browser.

    I use the Vivaldi browser because:
    1. bookmark-management in the sidebar
    2. rocker gestures
    3. chrome extensions for anti ads and tracking

    Furthermore I love the many options to change the workflow and of course the screenshot-tool.

    I prefer to have:
    1. profile-synching (I have four OS)
    2. cookie handling like in Opera 12.x
    3. passwort manager like in Opera 12.x (masterpasswort, Strg+Enter)

  • Made Vivaldi my default browser a few months ago. tried to hold on to presto Opera as long as i could & then blink Opera was good enough.Nice to have that old Opera feeling in Vivaldi. To the future.

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    I don't suppose it can be done for the program itself? Forgive me for repeating myself, but I would really like to be able to disable the close button.

    Go Settings > Tabs and the Tab Display section and then untick "Display Close Button".

  • Nice gift for my birthday today/tonight. Thanks, Jon & Co. 🙂

  • Congratulations and thanks for the great browser!

    My 3 favorite features:
    1. Mouse gestures + customizable keybindings: It's great how I can control Vivaldi using solely the mouse (useful for idle browsing) or solely the keyboard (useful for dev, when switching from terminal). It's not perfect yet, though; I still have to rely on vimium and wasavi to get some low-level keybinds properly, and things like tab management are still only doable with a mouse.
    2. Sidebar: Good for checking Messenger or ticking off to-dos with Google Keep. It's also a very nice way of presenting bookmarks and downloads.
    3. Tab management: stacking and tiling aren't features I always use, but they're damn convenient when I need them. Ctrl-selecting tabs complements these features very well, as well as the popup thumbnails that help when picking out a tab from a stack.

  • As many others here I'm a long time Opera fan. Still using Opera 12.18 because right now no other browser can offer me what Opera offers me. However, Vivaldi is my second favorite browser as of now.

    Fav features:
    1. Mouse and rocker gestures. Of course. I always thought "what the hell do I need mouse gestures for?" until I tried them for the first time, lol. Glad to see those implemented in Vivaldi as well. It changed my browsing experience because I can browser much faster now. I don't have to klick "new tab" every time I want to open a new tab (or use "CTRL + T" for a new tab).
    2. Single key short cuts. Seriously, without the use of the "1" and "2" buttons I'm almost unable to navigate through my tabs, haha. Whenever I use a different browser I end up pressing "1" and "2" and start wondering why nothing happens.
    3. Snapshots of a selection. Don't know if this is in a stable release but I really like the new snapshot feature. Makes it much easier to capture just the interesting things from a web page.

    What I am really missing is the e-mail client integrated in Vivaldi. If that is implemented, I will switch completly from Opera to Vivaldi.

  • 1. Themes.
    2. Scroll tabs with previews.
    3. Not directly related but nevertheless a huge plus: commenting on blog and the forum!

  • To add to some previous comments, Vivaldi allows me to organize my browser so I can browse the way I want and need to once again. I'm deeply bookmarks-oriented, so the ability to swap out bookmark bars with a couple of clicks plus the presence of folders on the bookmarks bar and the ability to employ custom bookmarks labels without icons have reopened a world of flexibility that seemed to shrivel up and die with the end of Olde Opera.

    My thanks to Jon and the team for making browsing fun again!

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    Bookmarks are huge for me too. So the more attention they get and they better they become the happier I am. I love Vivaldi.


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