This Day and That Year: Incredible two years!

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    found out about vivaldi when app was still in beta but never leaved since…simply glad that i found a new home after old opera closed...

    hard to choose a feature on the browser so i will just say i like vivaldi because it let me browse the way i want and not the way the browser want...

    hope anyway to see the mail client and the torrenting option back 🙂

  • I don't think there are any features that have changed the way that I browse. Mostly, I can now browse just as I did before using Opera 12.17. Tab Tiling, Tab-stacking, Reader View, Mouse Gestures, Keyboard shortcuts, Nicknames, Search Engines, etc., are all the same or similar to what I used in Opera.

    There are, however, a few missing features that have changed the way that I browse.

    1. I still have to use Alt Tab to access my mail client in Opera, so I am still waiting for the email client. I now use Web Mail more often, with bookmarks on my Bookmarks Bar instead of buttons on my main toolbar in Opera.
    2. If I want to inspect an image's properties, I have to copy the page URL, and middle-click the tab bar in Opera 12.17 to get the image context menu, so that's a bit of a hindrance while I wait for the Image Context Menu in Vivaldi.
    3. If I want to launch an application that is infrequently used, again I have to switch to Opera to launch it (quicker than using Windows Start menu) with mnemonic shortcuts, e.g. P,P,5 to launch PagePlus X5 (an old version that I load only to help others still using it).

    One major change, though, is that I no longer have to launch Firefox for the Open In Menu, to view some sites that do not work in Opera.

  • @R3gi:

    1. Web panel – Quick way to access Google translator 🙂

    That is a cool idea… Just added the translator. Thanks!

  • @Pesala I don't know exactly when, but Jon said that Mail is coming to snapshots pretty soon. I have used the mail, and while it's still a bit buggy and missing some features, it is actually usable as a primary mail client now (six months ago, it was under heavy heavy construction).

  • My favourite features are:

    1. Colour change according to website.
    2. Tab preview when hovering over a tab.
    3. Page tiling.

  • I've been accompanying Vivaldi's growth from day one, and I love what it's become! My three favorite features are:

    1)Tab Stacking: I always leave a load of anime, manga and work related tabs opened. By grouping them together, i can always know exactly where each tab is, and I leave the UI free for more tabs!
    2)Tab Tiling: I'm an avid player, and I'm always researching about games on the internet. For Fire Emblem, for example, I access Fire Emblem Wiki and Serenes Forest in order to get all the info I need on my playthroughs. By being able to tile those two websites together, i get all the info I need on the same screen, so I don't have to keep changing tabs every time I need a piece of information one site doesn't have!
    3)Web Panel: I work as an online tutor, teaching English and Portuguese to people from Japan. Having a dictionary on the web panel makes life a lot easier, since it's always accessible right away, doesn't take space on the tabs bar when I'm not using it nor does it take memory until I decide to open the panel! Not to mention I can still navigate on the tabs, so I can still keep track of the research I was doing (I usually show my students pictures of Brazil or news about the country) and still having the dictionary at hand!

    I love those three features, and I couldn't browse without them anymore! But I do wish they were a little improved. Tab Stacking could allow us to expand the group of tabs so we could change their positions (like in Opera 12); Tab Tiling could allow for one or more windows to be always on top, so I can browse on other websites and still have that Youtube tab active, allowing me to pause or change the video without losing sight of the other tab I'm currently at, even if not part of the tile; and finally, Web panel could have Go To Previous Page and Go To Next Page buttons, as well as F5 on the web panel refreshing it instead of the active tab!

    But I'm sure those improvements are coming! Happy Birthday, Vivaldi!

  • I love the tab handling too! I removed the close buttons and use the scroll button to close them! Single click, simple and efficient, doesn't require precise mouse accuracy and I won't close them by mistake when the tabs are squinted together!

  • That sounds pretty nice, and I've been hearing the same thing too for a while. I don't know if it will be for 1.8, or if they will wait until 2.0 to release the mail client.

  • Congratulations to the Vivaldi team!
    It really doesn't seem like two years, I remember reading on some tech news site that the creator of opera was starting a new browser with built in mail client, I think great. and i have been checking the progress every snapshot since.
    Vivaldi is not my primary browser, yet, i'm still using opera12 because of the mail client, I just find it handier. but since chromecast has been implemented i have scarcely opened chrome browser.
    My Wishlist: Well its a waste of time typing anything because IMO the devs have pretty much thought of everything already.
    Favourite thing about V: Its the best browser available, But my favourite thing is not about the browser itself, its the way for two years now we have been having regular snapshots and the dev team listen to every comment and criticque, "A browser for our friends" it truly is.

  • 3 Favorites Vivaldi features?
    It actually amaze my self that I really need a lot if times to think about this question. And I deeply ashamed.
    Let's tweak the question. Name 3 unique features that doesn't exist as Chrome extensions/apps? Philips Hue? OK that's one.

    To be fair:

    • Side bookmark panel. Vivaldi is the only Chromium incarnation that provide it, if not the most stable one.
    • Theme color customization. However simple at present, I kind of like it.
    • Far more customization available. From all Chromium incarnations, this probably the sole reason I fell for Vivaldi.

  • Happy Birthday Vivaldi team, what a ride. I'm finally typing this from Vivaldi itself, it is actually my first post here with it as my main browser!

    Keep up the great work, and not going with the crown tendecy these days of "minimal featureless" browsers fad!

    Any surprise goodies in a snapshot for celebration? 😃

  • Two years already?! Damn, how the time really flies…

    Well, my favorite features:

    • Tab Stacking;
    • Notes;
    • Customization.

    Future features I look forward to be implemented:

    • Feed reader with original and powerful management options, the way only Viv can do;
    • Improvements in bookmarking options, like pop up window for non-address bar users; more graphical signs to improve the organization of the bookmark tree, like some colors and drawings; and the possibility to edit on the fly the bookmarks and folders in the bookmark window (creating, deleting and moving them), all these when saving the bookmark(s) through address bar/Ctrl+D/Context Menu, not in the bookmark manager or panel.
    • Possibility to schedule the theme changing in periods of days, weeks and months.
    • Something like Opera Unite, which I thought it was a great idea but very badly implemented.

    Finally, I'd like to congratulate all the Viv Dev Team, Jon and all the users, who make this browser something really worthwhile to spend time with in the cyberspace. Thank you.

  • By the way, favorite features:
    1 - Bookmark Nicknames
    2 - Chrome Addons Support
    3 - Tab Tiling

    Not really a feature per-se but worth mentioning that one of my favorite things about Vivaldi is its UI and themes presentation, I just find it so beautiful and minimal by default.

  • Moderator

    I should think release of email might CAUSE a whole-number version jump to 2.

  • So even if we're not numerically next to 2.0, releasing the mail client would make us skip 1.8 and 1.9, go straight to 2.0?

  • Congrats team for all the hard work ! Keep up the good work 🙂
    My 3 favourites features:
    -Tabs' management and the ability to moove them everywhere
    -Mouse gestures

  • My 3 favorite features:
    1 - Bookmark Nicknames
    2 - Shortcuts (mouse & keyboard)
    3 - Customization

  • Looking at the comments below the following post:
    It looks like pretty much what I'd expect. Some people impressed at what it was already doing, a few people were skeptical because they weren't adequately accounting for the fact that it was just the initial technical preview. (One can see a few names there –yours included, of course-- of people that moved to Vivaldi, either professionally or as forum-posting users.)

  • By chance I downloaded Vivaldi onto Windows today on its two year birthday. A couple of years ago I had run the alpha versions on Ubuntu and was quite impressed. So far it's running nicely. I think Vivaldi will have a strong future.

  • Weird. Through some bug, this page is currently giving me an edit button next to each comment instead of just my own. When I click it, this input box appears pre-filled with the word "undefined". It says "Posting as Isildur" below it, though, so I don't think it will edit someone else's comment.

    I just clicked the "Edit" button on zahek's comment "I am in the first three :P" and am typing in in the box that appeared. I'm not sure if it's worth reporting as a bug though, since they'll be changing this comment system soon, and this probably does not actually cause anything more problematic than extra, ineffectual edit buttons. So I'm testing to see what happens when I click send. (I.e. will it post it (a) as a reply, (b) as a new top-level comment, or © replace zahek's comment?)


    Ok, it gave me the error "You don't have the necessary rights for this", which is good. I'm now canceling and posting this as just a regular comment.


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