This Day and That Year: Incredible two years!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Two years ago, it all started on 27th January 2015.

    See the full blog post here

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yeah, first post! I remember the first posts on the Opera desktop blog after Vivaldi came out. They were … um ... interesting. 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    That was also the day I decided to leave Opera to work for Vivaldi 🙂

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I am in the first three 😛

  • My favorites three features are Web panels, built-in customizable speed dial and the color based on the current website.
    Web panels are very useful and on a 21/9 screen you still have a decent width for the "real" tab.
    Built-in customizable speed dial is really awesome! I hate the top sites on Chrome's one and it's annoying to find a good extension to make it personalized.
    For the color, it's just a question of harmony. This way, your theme isn't static.

  • I have memories how "stable" was TP1 xD
    It was a really long road to the state we can see in current version.
    Kudos to V-team!


    • Tab tiling FTW!
    • Session saving
    • Noteeees with screenshots! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Time flies fast. I remember those times and old Opera fans reacting - some switched right away and someone (like I do) tried and stayed with Opera. Still not ready to switch but keep up the good work. Maybe import tool from (Opera must be easier but FF too, session files are not compatible between Opera and Vivaldi - or at least I haven't managed to copy those) with sessions support would help. I have noticed that bookmarks are not essential for me but my tabs are (4 windows and about 150 tabs).For example in Opera I almost always use latest version (beta or developer) and copy profile manually from one to another because of my sessions. That also leaves me backup if build brokes something bad.

  • I'm still waiting for a version of Vivaldi able to replace my old Opera 12 as main browser, however I'm happy to see you reach this day 🙂

    Actually I have not any good "killer feature" in Vivaldi that is not implemented in other browsers in a better way (I love the side panels, but Opera 12 and Otter manage them a lot better; Speed dial is way more well implemented in Opera-chromium; Notes are quite good, but very slow with my thousands of them, the same is for bookmarks; Tab stack is better in the old Opera; for Sessions management I still haven't find a good solution (I know how it should be but it simply doesn't exist); the Downloads panel offers a very poor experience (way better at least the Download widget of Firefox); the "reader mode" is quite useless as it is, Firefox and third parties extensions are way better; and so on… )

    However if I've to say my 3 favourites features in Vivaldi:

    • Notes
    • Compatibility with Chrome extensions
    • screenshots button

    What I really miss and I want to see in 2017 ?

    • Full customization of toolbars, buttons, and menus with something like .INI files
    • MDI
    • Feed reader with feed discovery

  • Vivaldi didn't really change the way I browse, but they gave me the possibility to browse how I was used to browse before some guys decided to dump Presto.

    My three favourite features?
    1. stackable Tabs (even though they're not expandable)
    2. everything that has something to do with the sidebar (history and website info would be great to have in the sidebar)
    3. the tab handling (being able to remove the close button and closing the tabs with a double click without the need of an addon is huge for me :D)
    (3.1 mouse gestures!)

  • I did not start using Vivaldi since the first release because I did not know it, so I was introduced to it, a year and a half ago, and I never left it!
    Congratulations on completing two years! The browser is very good!
    On the three favorite features, it is very difficult because the browser is full of native functions that virtually all are favorite!

    I'll quote …
    1 ° - Customization, change the browser color.
    2° - I love can put any background image on the speed dial.
    3 ° - Web panels.

    It's very difficult to choose just three, because the speed dial is one of Vivaldi's very good things! Note and screenshots too,Quick commands, the functions of the tabs in general!

    Thank you very much for creating Vivaldi, after using for the first time the user does not know of another browser! Each release Vivaldi becomes more complete! Thank you! 🙂
    Sorry for my English!

  • Favorite Features:

    1. Tab Handling (ALL of the stuff!)
    2. Quick Commands
    3. Notes

    NOT Favorite Aspect:

    1. You should already know by now! Starts with a P…

  • Hi Vivaldi,

    My favorite features are:
    1. Changing colors according to sites
    2. Shortcuts (mouse & keyboard)
    3. Stackable tabs

  • Browser speed.
    Theme…./ color /
    Browser security
    Hotkey command

  • I am not a power user. But why do I use Vivaldi?
    Well Vivaldi is like a chameleon, it changes its color according to the environment it is in and Vivaldi does the same by applying accent color from active page. I can create my own themes. In short, it gives me the power of customization.
    The word 'Power'… well this adjective is the reason why we all are here.
    The Right-Click gives you the power too... For me one of the powerful tools is Notes.
    I really like the fact how this browser is decreasing the dependency on extensions by introducing Notes, Capture Page, Reader View and other features. Each version comes with fantastic features and improvements. I love Vivaldi.

  • Congratulations!! How about we celebrate this occasion with the release of inbuilt email client 😃

  • Vivaldi Translator

    So much work has been done in such short interval! Thank you!
    My favorites?

    1. Tab Tiling – Comparing websites is much more effective now!
    2. Web panel – Quick way to access Google translator 🙂
    3. Theme switching – I know it's time to go sleep when Vivaldi turns ping…

  • congratulations vivaldi team!


    Vivaldi didn't really change the way I browse, but they gave me the possibility to browse how I was used to browse before some guys decided to dump Presto.

    that's exact my opinion 😃
    the only new feature, which changed the workflow, is the inbuilt screenshot tool. I hope, you sent another extensions I use in retirement.
    have a nice weekend

  • ¡Enhorabuena, muchas felicidades!

  • Vivaldi Team

    You could just bookmark all open tabs into a folder, then import that into Vivaldi, and open all bookmarks within the folder in Vivaldi. All should be quick and easy steps.

  • Moderator

    Vivladi was light after the darkness of Opera 15+.

    My three favorite features are:
    1 - Side panel for managing bookmarks, notes and Downloads;
    2 - Tile Tabs;
    3 - Themes.

    What I would like for 2017:
    1 - Email Clients;
    2 - Complete Translations;
    3 - Improved performance.


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