Powerful commands to control noisy tabs - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.11

  • Vivaldi Team

    Is there anything more annoying than a video or advert in a background tab causing unwanted noise? Our initial tab muting feature helped to identify the tabs causing the problem and mute them but in 1.7 we wanted to make sound control even more powerful.

    See the full blog post here

  • Vivaldi Team

    First! hah.

  • Hm second.. darnit

  • Updating using auto-update failed twice for me. Got an error message stating extracting the package failed.

    OS X 10.11.4, updating from 1.7.725.3

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Thanks for snapshot after a long time! :) Also, thank you for adding option to Clear typed history in Clear private data, but I'm not sure that "Clear Private Data" doesn't remember settings (VB-24193) works :confused: :(

  • Moderator

    Wrongly posted

  • Thanks for bringing "Validate" back.

  • Moderator

    The open bug is VB-21507

  • The audio icon still animates when tab is hibernated (VB-19243)

    I've NEVER seen audio icon being animated in Vivaldi. It always replaces the favicon of the page whenever there's an audio playing. (Win7x64, Vivaldi x86)

  • option to mute all the tabs except the one i have in focus would be just awesome. with manually allowing tabs to make a noise would be even better!

  • You must be lucky then, cause I've had this problem, and thank god it's finally fixed.

  • Nice to see (VB-21862) fixed. That one was annoying. Didn't realize it was a Linux-only issue.

    Is there any word on the 'unlock keyring' issue on Linux? That's another Linux issue that has been a pain for me. Oddly I installed Vivaldi on a clean Mint install on an old laptop and the 'unlock keyring' prompt didn't come up.

    And it would be nice if we could get delta updates on Linux.

  • I haven't checked yet but thanks so much for this :
    [Notes] Ctrl+Shift+C should copy marked text to note (VB-4018)

    and something else about notes => when selecting them in the panel and hitting "Ctrl + C", Vivaldi doesn't copy the content of the notes (and append them like what Opera 12 did) and when you right click and select 'Copy' Vivaldi copies the URL from where the notes where extracted wich is pretty useless…

    Pressing "Ctrl + C" on the selected Notes should copy each one's content and append it to the rest (by a newline separator)

    Thanks again...

  • Whenever I see mention of Quick Commands, I think of The Bottleneck, and wonder what that's about. Probably bookmarks, but it's unclear. VB-24920.

  • For me address field text entering is still very laggy (entered characters are only displayed with a delay), on macOS. This laggy thing was introduced in the previous snapshot, does not appear in 1.6.
    Browser update failed for me as well (twice), then I manually downloaded the build from here.

  • Same here

  • Isn't that what "mute other tabs" already does?

  • Download Panel doesn't get focus if other panel is open (VB-11002)
    I could cry, finally :D

  • Hi,

    thanks for the new snapshot.

    Q: is VB-23063 officially confirmed? I use a lot of tab stacks and mouse-wheel tab switching, and this one is really annoying.


  • This is still an issue for me on MacOS and Linux:
    (VB-24080) Extension pop-up window not formatted properly

    It originally was happening back in 2015 in this bug I filed before getting fixed for a while, before it regressed:
    (VB-11617) Extension pop-up size erroneous

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