It’s time to do the right thing, Microsoft

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    The issue with Windows 10 upgrade resetting the default browser to Edge is a known one, and a lot has been said about it previously. I refrained from making any comments until now, but my patience has run out.

    See the full blog post here

  • You know they do similar thing as always , sam as Opera old days. I do not think you will get a good/quick reply but hope…

  • Issues like this are the reason I switched to Linux completely where I can decide for myself which browser I want to use. And my choice is Vivaldi.

  • MIcrosoft is a bully, they know exactly what they are doing and they don't care if anyone doesn't like it, especially if it is competitors. The sane choice is not to use their products.

  • Even worse, occasionally they change the default browser back to Edge without any cause, because "there was a problem with the software you chose as a default action", not giving any hint about what that problem might be. Reverting to Vivaldi always worked without a problem.

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    Where has the user’s absolute prerogative to make a choice gone?

    Around the same opposite corner to Android and iOS. :evil:

  • It may be me, but I haven't noticed this problem…

  • The day that Microsoft Edge goes like this and continues being, customizable like no other! Stable, fast, no crashes! I use it! This day will never come! lol :lol: :D
    Excellent job team Vivaldi! The browser is very, very good!

  • I general, "default apps" are totally bugged in Windows. It's not only browser-related problem. The same goes for image viewer. Every update it gets back to Picture UWP app.

    Another thing with that is that the selector isn't always working properly. After installing Opera I wasn't able to switch to it. I was clicking Opera, but Edge was selected. I could choose any browser (probably Edge, IE, Chrome), but not Opera. I had to went through good old advanced default apps chooser to reset everything related to web-related apps. Then I was able to choose Opera as my default.

    Vivaldi weren't installed on that PC back then, IIRC.

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    And you are not even talking about their marketing "Look at this new feature, never ever seen in a browser before !" (except Vivaldi)

  • Maybe I am just too familiar with Microsoft's tricks to care. What's it supposed to do when the default browser is not found, like in my case when it's installed on an encrypted drive, which has not yet been mounted? Leaving the user with no default browser would not be right either.

    If the European courts cannot make MS change their ways, I doubt if a blog will make any difference. Perhaps you can find a way to make to Vivaldi set itself as default a bit more quickly when it boots up and finds it is no longer the default?

  • Windows 10 is such a garbage, the epitome of fascism. And MS are hypocrites. Windows 7 forever… then Linux.

  • I'm sorry Jon but this is misinformation.

    I have a fully upgraded Windows 10 Pro x64 install and Windows never, ever changes the default browser. I had it set on Vivaldi since the Anniversary Update and never got an issue with that. Yes, it's a bit hard to set it the first time, but it's not like you have to use external software for that, it's all in Windows.

    I'd be the first to raise pitchforks if this wasn't the case. I'm very familiar with every single Windows 10 nuance and this really isn't one of them. I'd suggest to go ahead and revise this article because it isn't good for Vivaldi.

  • "Every time Windows 10 upgrades, it changes the default browser to Edge."
    are you sure? never happened to me.

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    I tend to stick to Linux and know far less about Windows, so am not super qualified to speak on this subject. That said, Jon is far from the only person reporting this. Look around and you will find other users reporting the same thing. Here is question from a Firefox user, from 7 days ago:

    It's comforting that it is not happening to you, but that does not mean that other people are not regularly experiencing this.

  • Try to google this topic ….:wink:

  • Was going to say the same thing myself. Now especially with all the telemetry and other stuff in W10, and with Linux being usable for the average user at this point (I would think…looking through rose-colored glasses though, I fear).

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    Check this thread and search for "Edge" and you will find a comment from November 18, 2016.

    Hi….I was hoping for the best since this time it downloaded unlike 14965....however my desktop shortcuts still do not work again....Edge is set to default browser again...

  • You may be aware that Kaspersky Labs has brought suit against MS on the ground that Win10 disables certain third-party programs without user consent. This is true of certain versions of CCleaner, and of some AVs. MS is obviously playing games with the default program settings, knowing many users lack the time or knowledge to fight their own OS to get the install the way they would like.

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