Map your keyboard shortcut for screenshots… Only in Vivaldi Browser? :) - Snapshot 1.7.725.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    Another day, another snapshot! Since yesterday's snapshot highlighted fixes include even more polish to our screenshot feature (new quick commands and mappable keyboard shortcuts), some nice improvements to the address field, we resolved a couple of annoying regressions and we completed a major bump of Chromium to 56 (build 2924.59). For the full list of fixes, see the changelog below.

    See the full blog post here

  • Hah, I saw that 1.7.715.3 …

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yes, yes you did. And trying to fix that quickly is why I did not get first post. So congrats on beating me twice! :)

  • Oh, right, forgot that was a thing or something… anyways, cheers for the new snapshot!

  • Please also designate a shortcut for taking notes : "Add Selection as New Note => ???"

  • Please bring the sync feature, sync today, sync tomorrow, sync forever! :lol::lol::lol:

  • • Vivaldi saved the captures without asking on $HOME/Pictures/Vivaldi Captures/
    – better save this with asking or in download folder.
    • The file name is very cryptic, better with timestamps:
    – e.g. vivaldi-[translate]-%H-%M-%S.png/jpg

    few text are not translated in capure widget but it is in weblate.


  • "[Sessions] Allow to save only tabs from current window when saving Session (VB-14104)" - cool, thanks!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Omg people you are the best ! Thanks finally, thank you for "Use Buttons in Range Controls" !!!! Thanks :)

  • Thanks for another update, and as always bringing new features! :D

  • No delta update this time for me, even though i had last version installed. Anyone can confirm?

  • Worked for me, 8mb delta downloaded. I had 1.7.721.3, you?

  • VB-22205 was fixed month (or more) ago, but it present again in this build. Please, fix or make it option.

  • Chromium 56 finally has support for playback of FLAC audio files . . . nice!

    It also scored 519 on HTML5test, an improvement from 507 that was in the last snapshot(W10).

    Chromium 56 will also mark HTTP websites as not secure.

  • Nice and useful feature !
    Maybe you'll solve the issues with spatial navigation… Crossfire still works better.

  • Moderator

    The current behaviour is the expected one, other browsers also follow it. But your bug is still open as it could be a setting.

  • I'd love to be able to decide between "open link new tab" and "open link in background tab" as defaults, instead of "open link in new tab" always being on the top. I like to open links to read after the page I'm on, and since this is the only browser I use that has a different default, it keeps pulling me out of pages I'm focusing on, unless I give it extra thought. This makes it less intuitive for me.

    I also can't wait until there's some customization on the reader mode. I'd love to have a dark mode or be able to switch to serif font(s).

    Otherwise, I like the constant upgrades and updates.

  • (VB-24080) "Extension pop-up window not formatted properly" is still an issue for me, specifically with uMatrix.

  • Me too, but i had 40MB download.

  • No more choice for the bookmarks search ? with tree or without ? In the last case, can the search be also on folder's name ? Thank's

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