Further screenshot improvements - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.721.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    Further work on screenshotting for today's snapshot, including the frequently requested "copy to clipboard". Work continues on this, so expect more of your suggestions in future snapshots!

    See the full blog post here

  • Hello,
    don't see the tree structure while searching bookmark like in O12, or …

  • I still find it amazing that the development team still won't give us an option for disabling auto-check updates. All the rebuttal I've gotten saying "go stable if you don't want updates" is totally irrelevant. Shouldn't it be an option for the sake of, you know, being an option? Isn't Vivaldi all about personal preference and customization? I know I'm going to download Snapshots. I know I visit the Vivaldi blog all the time. I know what to expect from the quality work put into this browser; so why not an option? Does the team think not being able to control a pop-up window from opening the browser not very important? Then when you do want to update from within the browser, the window telling you to restart is not centered, nor is the auto-check window if the browser doesn't open maximized. There's reasons why people don't want to check for an update the moment the browser loads. Will you at least consider this? I mean, please. It would truly help.

  • Very nice to see more improvements coming down for one of my favourite features 😃 Thanks, V Team!

  • Oh my good golly Zarquon … [Bookmarks] Add support for displaying tree structure while searching (VB-24724) … thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

  • You have to tick its box in Settings - Bookmarks first. After that –> yippee.

  • Thank's Steffie.. I see it now.

  • I am sooooooooooooooo pleased at finally getting this [like so many no doubt, i've missed it so much from O12]. The timing is hilarious for me… i spent a couple of hours late into my evening yet again fruitlessly searching chrome extensions for some kind of tree-structure bookmarks search tool, installing, testing, groaning, & uninstalling one after the other after the other. Gave up, felt grumpy, went for dinner, came back, & found this lovely gift. Happy happy.

  • I see that before did not have this option, now we have, thank you! 🙂 http://i.imgur.com/GDG6Fbc.jpg

  • Thank you so much for this! (VB-24313)
    Whenever I was going to take a screenshot by selecting the area I had to leave the zoom 100%.
    The zoom pattern I use is 75% 🙂

  • Thank you for the tree structure for Bookmarks. This is a useful improvement in usability, providing the information needed to reorganise the Bookmark tree. Alas doing a good job leads to more requests! If I already know where a bookmark lives in the tree then I have to click on the branch point(s) to get to it, whereas in the O12 Bookmark view I just have to hover over the branch point(s) to open up the branch…or is there a stetting for this that I have missed?

  • I kinda glossed over this one when reading through the change log, but this is actually a big deal for me as well. I don't know if any of the current major browsers offer this?

  • Sorry for growing restless but could we please get an update on the progress of synchronization? Is it a feature being worked on or are we waiting until Vivaldi becomes profitable before the appropriate infrastructure starts to be laid down?

  • Moderator

    Thanks for Screenshot improvents 🙂 and also other fixes 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    We fully plan to provide an option but it is not in the immediate (short term plans).

  • Thank you.

    what about download speed (and maybe upload speed?) in downloads panel?

  • Vivaldi Team

    It is being worked on right now but it takes time to get this right

  • Something wrong for me : if you untick 'show tree structure during search' and search for a word, you will see bookmarks and folders with this name ; if you tick 'show tree structure during search', with the same search, you have only bookmarks, no more folders… or ?

  • Not for me. I see folders & bookmarks that match the search string, with the tree option enabled. That's why i was so happy. I'm using Linux x64 Deb, btw.

  • Google maps Street View do not work properly. Win7x32


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