Minor Linux update to Vivaldi 1.6 - HTML5 MP4 (H.264/AAC) video and MP3 audio fix

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today we released a minor upgrade to Vivaldi 1.6 to fix an issue where certain media files would not play for users on Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10. Since this was a Linux only issue, Windows and Mac users will receive no update.


    See the full blog post here

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  • The browser is very good! Thank you so much for this! Happy Holidays to all!
    Fantastic work team Vivaldi! Thanks for making Vivaldi with many functions natively, very good!
    I am already using it for a long time, I do not see myself without Vivaldi and its functions and personalization. Thank you again! :)

  • Wow. As a full-time Linux (& Vivaldi) user I actually suspected that there's been some kind of raid against video-servers that I usually use. It didn't come to me to try another browser. Glad you fixed that and I can continue watching my local shows online :D Merry Christmas!

  • This is great, the HTML5 issue was a real problem for me, thank you

  • 1.6.689.40 on Windows 10 with 3 monitors… Every time I reduce from Maximum (not Full Screen mode but fully covering the screen) to Partial screen with the upper right window button the browser jumps 90% or more off the screen and I have to use a keyboard command to bring it back on the screen as there is no way to reach the top of the Window to move it with the mouse.

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  • I'm having a bug on this version on Linux. The speed dial glitches when I put the launcher on bottom.

    You can see it on these screenshots http://imgur.com/a/Dcdeo

  • This post is deleted!

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