Details matter. Vivaldi 1.6 is ready

  • Vivaldi Team

    The best products do two things well: Features and details. Features are what draw people to the product and details are what keep them there. Only a few weeks ago, we forayed into the IoT space with our previous release and received very positive feedback. Thank you. With the same level of excitement, we’re continuing the Vivaldi journey today with features that focus on details. Vivaldi 1.6 is ready.


    See the full blog post here

  • First 🙂
    Thanks for that release, Vivaldi 1.6 FTW !

  • Great! 😃

    And what about the mail, Jon?

  • With german language selected, Tab Stack Renaming doesn't work. When I switch to english it works.

  • WIR (aka: When It's Ready) :p

  • Confirmed - the context menu entry does not show.
    edit: Sorry, my mistake. A wrong translation slipped by. Reported as VB-24164

  • Thanks, the browser gets better and better, but sometimes announced feature sync is still missing! 😞

  • Confirm, menu entry is missing.
    In the settings there is a checkbox with the name "Tabgruppen"
    Not clear what it is for.

  • Every time a new update comes, my pin tabs are gone. Please check this out next time

  • Hi,
    just upgraded and noticed the pin tab keyboard shortcut works only to pin the tab, but does not work to unpin it. I have to use context menu of the tab to unpin.
    I'm running 1.6.689.34 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on windows 7

    Thank you for your tremendous work on this browser!

  • That should be "Tabgruppen umbenennen" and there is another string wrong too, it shows "Tabgruppe in den Ruhemodus versetzen" instead of the correct term "Tabgruppe umbenennen" directly above "Verschiebe Tab in"

    You can repair it by following the instructions in this post:übersetzungen-fehler-korrekturen-vorschläge/166

  • Vivaldi Team

    Sadly I don't know german, but using the menu entry "Versetze tabgruppe in den Ruhemodus" lets me rename the tab group. (The first of the two Versetze in the menu)

  • Looks nice, but still can't switch from Firefox because of "Tree Style Tab" which is critical for me. Looking forward for this option to be implemented in Vivaldi as build-in option.

  • It would be great favicon-sized pinned tabs in a horizontal row IF the tab bar position is left or right.

  • Ok, this is disappointing…I was hoping that the backspace key issue (VB-23630) would be fixed but apparently you guys have not really fix it yet. It still happens on searchbox.

    Please do a delta update for this issue. It's really annoying.

  • "Tab notifications make their debut this release. This is a feature that no other browser has offered before" - what about Microsoft Edge?

  • I'll give you a few points for pointing out that privacy & images stuff, but overall I really don't get where your negativity comes from.

    Hue lights are just a simple feature being implemented by one particular developer of Vivaldi who had this idea, I don't believe it's something that has been on roadmap or anything. Devs here really listen and every single stable release shows the quality of devs, 'cause this thing just keeps getting better and better. Yes I also have a few features that I'm missing, but I'm more than sure that I'll get them when the time is right.

    For me personally, the choice of using Chromium as base is one of the best made ever. I speak as an actual webdesigner, and Chromium really is simply fantastic piece of work. It's so easy to make webapps for this core and I'm personally satisfied with what it provides for me. So are the devs I suppose.

    Vivaldi is currently my main browser and I am very happy with it. Just please deliver sync option soon, it's really needed. Thank you!

  • I really like that you are implementing notification badges.
    But it would be cool if these badges could also be shown in web panels & in the programm icon in windows taskbar.
    With that I would be really happy & maybe I could stop using Franz for grouping all my messengers then and have them all in Vivaldi instead 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    From what I've gathered so far, having these badges in the web-panels wouldn't work like it would in our tabs. And the reason for this is that our web-panel requests the mobile version of the page to better fit the panel. And web-pages (at least the most populare ones we've tested so far) doesn't actually have any title notification that we can pick up in the mobile view. Hopefully this gives some insight into why we don't have it. This might change in the future ofc, but I can't make any promises.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hey, Kanay, thanks for the feedback!
    Hue lights was made by our Designer Henrik (The person hired to make cosmetic stuff) 😃 I recommend reading to better understand why and how vivaldi got its lights 🙂


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