Vivaldi 1.6RC 2 - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.6.689.32

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today's snapshot is another release candidate for 1.6 stable. Here we fix an issue that some of you encountered with lost passwords, made a tweak to our tab notifications feature to allow Gmail to work and fixed a problem with Web Panels that could also cause Vivaldi to fail to start.

    Note: This build will receive updates from the snapshot autoupdate stream. Even if there are no additional changes, Vivaldi will be rebuilt for the stable autoupdate stream, resulting in another version number change.

    See the full blog post here

  • Vivaldi Team

    Remember to highlight anything you think might be a regression from 1.5. That is our primary interest at this stage.

  • Nice. Tab notification works with Gmail.

    Idea: Able to change colour highlight separately for tab notifications - at the moment it uses whichever colour the current theme highlight is.

  • Back and Forward button functionality for SpeedDial folders, pretty please? (atm. only way to go back is via the arrow link on top of the folder icons).

  • Not a regression from 1.5, but one from earlier in 1.6. The mouse cursor now disappears from fullscreen videos, which is great, but before RC1, the mouse also disappeared when you hovered over a non-fullscreen video, which is also great and it's how every other browser functions.

    But now, with the new setting added in RC1, the mouse cursor doesn't disappear when hovering over a non-fullscreen video, like on YouTube. Just a little detail, but it was so nice to have it work perfectly before.

  • Moderator

    Since we have been using an incorrectly named†, secure password store for several snapshots, the switch back to the correct one will result in the loss of passwords saved during your use of those snapshots. However, all old passwords stored prior to the broken builds, should now be accessible again.

    †Only the name was wrong, the method of securing your private data did not change and was not weakened.

    I noticed that Vivaldi created "Chromium Safe Storage" in the Keychain and started using that instead of "Chrome Safe Storage". My thought was, Great - there's less opportunity for Vivaldi and Chrome to trip over each other.

    I would actually prefer that Chrome and Vivaldi not be "joined at the hip" in any way. Is there any reason why you don't call it "Vivaldi Safe Storage"?

  • Vivaldi Team

    yep that is the plan with a way to automatically migrate the passwords over but that is for a future release.

  • Moderator

    Thanks. Looking forward to this change!

    P.S. The update from RC1 to RC2 worked fine. Not that it shouldn't have, but it hasn't always in the past. 🙂 Cheers!

  • can you guys add "play/pause" button next to mute button on tabs?

  • I think this is not possible. You can mute audio stream from page but you can not know how to control one of hundreds media player scripts which is different on almost every website.

  • Please do not forget the missing (12!) translations strings!

  • Moderator

    New regression? I provided feedback (for RC1) that history navigation w/ swipe gestures on OS X were working fine with trackpads but only intermittently with a Magic Mouse.

    Now trackpad and mouse swipes are only working intermittently for me on this build.

    Did you implement any additional changes for this RC or is Vivaldi unhappy when both a mouse and trackpad are active on a MacBook?

    Edit: Disconnecting my mouse (via the Bluetooth) menu instantly made trackpad gestures work again. Reconnecting my mouse didn't re-break trackpad swipes… and mouse swipes are working again too... for now, at least.

  • Hi ruari, you may not not know but I know you nearly two years.
    Now, to business, my standalone profile gets deleted when I reinstall windows:x .I am sure that should be a hot topic for you vivaldi dev's, as this doesn't happen with any other browser.

    And, by the way, there is a bug since many previous versions that your picture looks blurry:D pretty sure it didn't happen before.

  • Moderator

    What type of strings. In what language?

  • Moderator

    Thanks for new SS, Gmail notification works fine, thanks, I want to ask. Detecting and displaying the number of notifications will appear on the web panel? because now for example messenger, FB and Gmail, etc., notification does not show. Thanks

  • Moderator

    [Regression] Swipe history navigation stopped working on Mac (VB-23679)

    Something weird is still going on with swipe navigation. In RC1, I reported that trackpad swipes were working fine but gestures with a Magic Mouse were intermittent.

    Suddenly, trackpad gestures on my MacBook stopped working; Magic Mouse swipes were not working either.

    My initial thought was that Vivaldi was not happy with both a mouse and trackpad active simultaneously, so I tried disconnecting my mouse via the Bluetooth menu. -> Trackpad swipes started working again immediately.

    I tried reconnecting my mouse. It did not re-break the trackpad. Mouse swipes are working again as well… at least for now. Still, this intermittent breakage is a bit disconcerting.

    No problems with Safari. I can't test on Chrome because it's not installed at the moment.

    (By the way, I posted this issue previously. Editing the post with an update caused the entire post to go into the bit bucket.)

  • Moderator

    Shows on the favicon end of the tab

  • Moderator

    This blog discards edited posts sometimes. It's kind of maddening.

  • Moderator

    Be aware some of the strings embedded in Chromium are not practical for Vivaldi developers to translate. They are, however, working on a workaround for this.

  • Moderator

    I wrote about displaying the icon in the Web Panel, not the tabs.


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