My musings on Incredible India

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    India! Incredible India. It’s been close to three weeks since I came back from a long trip through this extraordinary country. While it was my fifth visit here, it was by far the longest one yet. I like to travel for work all over the world and find that meeting people in person is  professionally and personally enriching. Not only did I meet smart people and had great conversations, but I got to experience a bit more than the usual work or tourist fare.

    The journey started when we landed in Mumbai, the so-called “financial capital” of India – a city of lights that never sleeps.

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  • Extraordinary post. It was very well written and I really feel like I was there in person. Thank you for giving me another perspective on India which seems like a beautiful country to visit and do business as well.

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • And how is your comment related to this blog article exactly?

  • Moderator

    Yes, a well written and beautifully illustrated blog post with surprisingly few replies. I am sure that India is a huge market for browsers, especially when Vivaldi moves to mobile platforms.

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