Controlling the Zoom in Vivaldi

  • Found yourself buying a new monitor for Christmas and now you’re wondering why all your favorite Web sites look slightly bigger than before? Or perhaps you’ve installed a new operating system and now you’re working at a higher screen resolution than you're used to. Whatever the case may be, knowing how to change zoom levels can be handy. It can make reading easier and might give your eyes some relief. Here’s how to adjust the zoom in Vivaldi.

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  • [Win 64 bit, Vivaldi 32 bit, latest build]
    Would be nice but in web panels the page zoom is broken. It defaults back to 100% shortly after loading a web panel. On a high DPI screen web panels are not too useful.
    In addition some GUI elements don't align to each other, when using a higher zoom level (already mentioned some months ago).

  • Is there any way to change zoom on Speed Dial page? I need more columns

  • Give us the possibility to change zoom level putting the mouse pointer on zoom slider and moving the mouse wheel up/down to increase/decrease zoom level please.

  • Can you guys decrease the zoom range so that we can comfortable control the zoom dial without having to play threading needle with our mouse/trackpad? Or add -/+ buttons next to the zoom bar that increase at +10%.

    Also should allow the scrollwheel to control the zoom when hovering the mouse over the zoombar.

  • I would like to see a built in magnifying glass in Vivaldi. Handy for situations in which I want to enlarge a part of the web page, but do not want to change the zoom level of the whole page.

    The Windows magnifying glass is definitely usable, but built in Vivaldi is in my opinion better. The Windows magnifying glass has different views, such as Lens and Docked.

    The Docked view of the Windows magnifier could be implemented in Vivaldi by using a panel for it. Then you can continue browsing on a normal zoom level and look at the magnifying glass panel when you want to see an enlarged part of the webpage. What you see on the panel, is, of course, based on the mouse pointer position. By using a panel for this, it is always easily accessible.

    The Lens view could work in a similar way as the Windows magnifying glass.

  • For me personally, Speed Dial is the one and only page that really needs zooming. Right now I can't even use my standard 4x4 layout without the need to scroll all the time… Ctrl + mousewhell, Ctrl + num-key, a slider, whatever... would be great to make SD (more) usable.

  • Moderator

    Control + Scrollwheel is the most accessible method. The slider on the status bar is hard to control. It should be a vertical slider because controlling vertical movement is more precise. That would also take less space on the Status Bar.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I think the Speed Dial is tied to the UI zoom. So you can modify it in the settings if you want.
    Not sure it'll solve your issue, but might 🙂

  • Moderator

    Yes. Decrease the UI Zoom level to fit more columns.

  • The one zoom related feature I'd really like is to have CTRL Middle Click reset it to 100. I usually use the ctrl scroll wheel to zoom in and out, so it would be a lot easier to have that for a zoom reset rather than trying to scroll it back to 100 or clicking some other button.

  • Moderator

    You can assign a mouse gesture or keyboard shortcut to "Zoom reset." It's not yet possible to assign Ctrl + Mouse click to commands.

  • Thank you, but this makes the (already not so great looking) font even harder to read throughout the entrire browser, and all the time, so it's not really an option for me.

  • Yes, correct, that is what I want.

  • I'd like to zoom in or out using a pinch gesture on the touch screen. Unfortunately, Vivaldi doesn't really work yet using touch screen (diverse issues).

  • Moderator

    _Please add this feature for zoom: _When is in Status Bar option set: Show Status Info Overlay, then if you zoom the page with Ctrl + Mouse wheel or Ctrl + +/-, please add a popup overlay info with the current value of the zoom setting.Thanks !

  • For the mouse oriented people, it would be great to be able to zoom with RMB+Scroll Wheel. It was a great feature in some of the Firefox extensions.

  • Thanks, but I don't want to decrease UI scale. I just want an option to zoom in/out Speed Dial independently.

  • @magnuspl I made the mistake of zooming in on one of the sites I access a lot at work, and since then, for months and months and months, hundreds and hundreds of times, I've had to reset the zoom level to default every single time I access a page on that site. What gives? Why is it seemingly impossible to reset the default zoom level for a site?

  • @skjald
    That's quite opposite for some and me. We instead got problem Vivaldi didn't remember at all.
    I zoom in this forum, close it, reopen, back to 100% 😕


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