Minor update to Vivaldi 1.5 - delta (small) update for Windows

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yesterday we released a minor upgrade to Vivaldi 1.5 to fix a few, small but important issues found in the stable release. It was also the first time we tested our new delta update system on Windows.

    A normal upgrade of Vivaldi for Windows using our default packages would have resulted in a 38.5Mb download, however the delta upgrade is less than 1% of that size (323Kb). So small in fact that it would have fit on a floppy disk!

    See the full blog post here

  • I was wondering what that update was yesterday, as there was nothing here in the blog. It was indeed very small so I can confirm the delta update system rocks.

  • It's just a Nicolaus surprise… :-) But it seems it's only for the 1.5 version, not for the 1.6.682.3 snapshot.

  • These fixes are already in 1.6 SS, they backported them to the 1.5 stable

  • Vivaldi Team

    If you are reffering to delta updates, we will not "upgrade" you from a 1.6 snapshot to a 1.5 stable as that would not make any sense.

    When the next 1.6 snapshot comes out it will also be a delta update.

    If you are reffering to the fixes, they are already in the snapshot builds.

  • Hi there. Delta Update didn't work on my PC. After several tries, it did load the full package which installed fine.

  • Installed Vivaldi 1.5 on parents PC ;)

  • Vivaldi Team

    Did you delete anything from the installation folder previously? Might seem like a strange question but we have encountered other users who have and this can break the delta update.

    P.S. Nice to have confirmation that the fallback system works as expected.

  • I don't know if it's specific to my proxy'd environment, but on Windows with a squid proxy, I can't update the first time, and not always able to run update.

    Update Error!
    An error occurred in retrieving update information; are you connected to the internet? Please try again later.
    ['Update download incomplete.']

  • Same situation at my workplace, our server also on squid. It takes 4-5 retries checking for updates to get the update. Direct downloads from https://downloads.vivaldi.com/ work flawlessly btw

  • Love the bandwidth savings of delta updates, just hope that a better implementation from the perspective of the user is in the works.

    Waiting on that "Installing" (or "Updating," whatever the phrasing) window is sub-optimal. Why can't that work be staged in a temp area before Vivaldi is closed out so that when Vivaldi is restarted the (staged) updated files can overwrite the old ones quickly? Instead, it appears that all the work is done while the user is waiting.

  • I have read in the "delta-post", that some users did delete the installer-files ;)
    And no, I did not. It failed once without a good explanation and then failed a second time with the "coldn't extract" message. On third try it used the fallback and worked.

  • Delta update was detected, downloaded, and installed rapidly (Win10 64-bit). However, I had 4 pinned tabs plus a few normal tabs open, and after the update and restart all of these were 'lost' (had to re-pin and reopen them using the browser's history).

  • So did I, and my aunts too 3 more active Vivaldi users

  • This post is deleted!

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