The Best Kind of Giving is Thanksgiving

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    For me too, but I have to set the UI Zoom to 90% to make it work. Users who want to have many speed dials, want more than six rows, and four or five rows. It will come in due course; it's a popular feature request.

  • Hi Jon,

    my English skills are much too poor to phrase an reply to your elaborated hym for the "believers" of individuality and non-conformism.

    For me the Vivaldi experience is like sitting in a time-machine putting me back when the internet was in his childhood and new ideas were coming and going every day. The opera idea turned out to be a mindset meant to stay!

    Thanks to everybody at Vivaldi for your hard and fruitful work. Being part of the heart to it must be a wonderful experience for every imaginative and creative developer.
    Cool ride, me thinks.


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