How Vivaldi got its Lights

  • Vivaldi Team

    I’ve always been deeply fascinated by color. I enjoyed working on the theme engine in Vivaldi and was thrilled to see how our users customized it. Yesterday we released 1.5 where we took Vivaldi one step further. By integrating with the Philips Hue system, themes can now reach outside of the browser and into your home.

    See the full blog post here

  • Thank you for sharing the story about the Philips Hue feature integration and the explanations. It's very interesting to read about it.
    It feels like the mail client is right in front of the door. 😉

    Thank you for your passion and hard work. Cheers 🙂

  • Please make a longer video without any background music to demo the new lighting technique.

  • Moderator

    Finally! A browser that can make coffee. Just plug your coffee maker into your smart light socket and switch it on without breaking off from your work or play.

  • Could this be leveraged also for another lights (LIFX)? Or is there API which I could access from extension?

  • If only there were a way to make your post change colour… 😎

  • Ah, the infamous Philips lightbulbs with DRM.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Currently Vivaldi is making the connection. As I understood the market LIFX is a good competitor to Hue, the main difference being that Hue runs a ZigBee mesh network and LIFX connects to your existing wifi. If there is enough demand I'm sure we'll look into other systems. I was impressed with this setup

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hope I didn't promise too much! Once it works reasonably well we will probably ask for your help to track down the final bugs. Jon is already using it on a daily basis and let me tell you he is an excellent bug reporter. 😃

  • Something like:

     <svg><text id="T" x="50" y="50" fill="red" font-size="50">Hello World</text></svg> 

  • hm, Adalight looks nice too, I'd love to try it with Lightpack, but again that is somthing different.

  • hm. What about Mi.Light? 🙂

    Which is a bit cheaper alternative. It has it's own "bridge" as the Philips has… I'm not sure about API and how time consuming it would be since you have already done this with Philips hue… But support more (and especially Mi.Light) would be amazing! 🙂

    nice work anyway with the Philips Hue! 🙂

  • Apparently you haven't heard or care about the security issues with IOT and hacking', lights are a BIG one. I know HUE are safer than most but IF I could find the article how they all leave the system wide open I would. Makes me think ANOTHER BRILLIANT idea SORRY not MINE!!! In my un-professional opinion people ought to know the problems BEFORE jumping in….

    _The researchers demonstrate attacking bulbs by drone or ground station. The demo
    attacks Philips Hue lightbulbs, the most popular smart lighting system in the market
    Philips Hue use Zigbee for networking. Zigbee is a wireless protocol designed for
    low-powered Internet of Things devices, and it has many built-in security features. The
    most important of these is that once a device is initialized as part of a Zigbee network, it
    can't be hijacked onto a rival network unless you can bring a controller into close
    proximity to it (a couple centimeters away). However, there is a fatal flaw in the Zigbee
    implementation in the Hue system, and the researchers showed that they could hijack the bulbs from nearly half a kilometer away (this attack is only possible because Zigbee
    doesn't encrypt all traffic between devices).

    The Hue system also has safeguards to prevent malicious tampering: updates have to be cryptographically signed using a very strong algorithm or they will be rejected by Hue
    systems. The researchers were easily able to extract the signing keys -- which are the
    same for all Philips Zigbee products -- and use them to sign their own malicious updates.

    Thus armed, the researchers were able to take over any Philips Hue system.

    There are many ways that a hijacked Hue system can be used to cause mischief. Zigbee uses the same radio spectrum as wifi, so a large mesh of compromised Zigbees could simply generate enough radio noise to jam all the wifi in a city. Attackers could also brick all the Hue devices citywide. They could use a kind of blinking morse code to transmit data stolen from users' networks. They could even induce seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.

    The fact that the attack targets devices by Zigbee signals -- rather than over the internet
    -- means that it is virtually impossible to defend against through traditional methods like

  • I'd be pretty surprised if there was even a single Vivaldi user utilizing (or even capable of utilizing) this feature.

  • Great, now I'm hyped for mail. Again.
    Looking forward to read the article about that:D

  • Oh I think it is nifty, but those that have IOT light at all ought to read this article and be forewarned crashing system city wide etc. doesn't seem fun to me. A person can hook themselves up to a rocket and base jump with rocket wings nice. But unlike a network no one it forcing them to put them on you and push you off the cliff with no choice. I have way too much business on mine to allow another entry point….the criminal hackers are getting way to good at this and we are making it way to easy to do so.

  • Why do you consentrate on something (integrated email) only a few people will find interresting? Is this Vivaldi or a Opera.clone? I want to be able to place icons in the bar the way I want to arrange them. I have more to say, but this will do for now.

  • In my opinion it's obvious you have never used integrated email in browser. If you had you'd consider that a stupid question.Maybe you are being facetious.

  • Do you really have to have a totally regulated world where you can't move a limb, think without Google or read a map or shut off a light…I'll feel sorry for you when systems takes over ( it has already) or .an E flare takes the system out complely. It's not even a Zero day you've already been notified!!!

    It will be a great day when someone seems to not agree with you locks you in your autonomous car and take you to the prison. No cash no money cause you were to damn lazy to carry something more untraceable CASH. Or if YOUR bank account gets wiped out by thieves.

    Security has to be done BEFORE rather than reactive. A mass of IOT devices to satisfy egos and latest new fad only essential....prove that more devices don't add more complexity.

    If you can't see that you have already given up all independence and will NEVER see it coming.

  • Vivaldi Team

    I saw that article, and it is unfortunate that the system was hacked. It is worth noting that due to the bridge and separate mesh network the damage is limited to modifying lights, and requires a potential hacker to be within range. I assume the Philips engineers are working on hardening security.


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