5 web panels to add for programmers

  • Whether you are a seasoned programmer or just starting out, having the right tools can be a huge help to your workflow. Web panels are one of those tools that can make life easier for developers who build the Web.

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  • I'm putting there Redux Dev Tools.

    1. Install https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/redux-devtools/lmhkpmbekcpmknklioeibfkpmmfibljd

    2. Add as webpanel: chrome-extension://lmhkpmbekcpmknklioeibfkpmmfibljd/window.html

    I tried to do the same with Chrome Dev Tools but I had no luck in finding proper URL address.

  • Speaking of Web Panels, I just submitted a bug report. When I play a video on my YouTube web panel, the video stops or the page hibernates when I close the panel. I usually close the panel while the video is playing, when for example, it's a music video and I want to focus on my actual web browsing. This didn't happen with previous stable builds. It's been a while since I tested snapshots and I intend to do so again eventually. If it was reported before then my bad. VB-23549

  • Requesting a new feature: Being able to use the extensions within the web panels, especially you know … uBlock, uMatrix 😉 and all the good stuff

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    That's because the web panels use mobile versions if available. Right-click on the Web Panel icon and use the desktop version.

    Of course, Vivaldi Bug Report can be added as a panel too.

  • Yeah but it didn't happen before. I could always close the panel and let the video play. I thought the video stopping thing only applies to the YouTube app on our smart phones? And I don't really like to use the desktop versions on web panels if possible. It kinda defeats the purpose to an extent.

  • Well, there are people with about 30 panels - one of them posted a link to a screenshot in the comments of one of the previous blog posts - if those panels wouldn't hibernate if not visible, it could put computers with smaller amounts of RAM and CPU power to a grinding halt …

  • It is already on the list of feature requests 🙂

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    But what can Vivaldi do? YouTube is coded this way.

  • sorry, wrong blog 😕

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    http://devdocs.io/ would be awesome in a panel. Sadly, it's not a mobile friendly website.

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    I just tried submitting a bug report using the panel. It's really hard. I had to type some of it in capitals because I have assigned single-key shortcuts: b=bookmarks, n=notes, t=Google translate, s=toggle statusbar, 1,2 = next/previous tab, Shift Insert = import bookmarks, etc.

    Although I can type in a webpage form without issues, if I type in a panel the keystrokes both type and invoke the commands to which they are assigned.

    Also, the Bug Report Wizard detects that my OS is Linux, when it's actually Windows 10 64-bit.

    (VB-23556) Shortcuts Stolen if Typing in Panel

  • Well, since closing the web panel triggers this "event", then they could make it look like it's "not" closed. Honestly, I don't really know. I'm just saying it didn't happen before and I preferred it that way. I reported this with the hope that the devs could find a way to circumvent this.

  • I thought lazy loading or hibernation of web panels only applied on browser launch or restart? When you open the panel and it loads then you close it again, it won't go back to hibernation. Correct me please if I'm wrong.

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    My bad, it works ! Nice !

  • #1 I think I had with web panels is that they don't hibernate, right?

    Say, I add 5 web panels, that's about 400 MB RAM wasted. If those could hibernate, then I'll have only 1 active, then the rest would waste 0 RAM.

    It isn't a good idea to have more than 1, and for web panels to be useful, we need to have several linked.

  • [OT]: is the "hibernate background tabs" simply the name of the implementation of lazy tabs, or is it something else? What is that feature aimed to, exactly?

  • After reading your comment I tried and I realized Vialdi version 1.4 can do that but Vivaldi 1.5 and 1.6 cann't. I also offten listen music from youtube panel so I am using Vivaldi 1.4

  • I hope you can give we the way to change the resize of tabs when gridding them
    P/s: My english is very bad, plz forget about my mistakes

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    "Hibernate background tabs" is a manual way to remove from memory the background tabs, activating this function will "kill" the process of the background tabs. Options to only hibernate one tab or a selection of tabs also exist.

    "Lazy tabs" is the option, that when enabled, will only load the current tab into memory, leaving the others to be loaded later - hibernated -, when you open Vivaldi.


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