Vivaldi 1.5RC 2 - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.27

  • Vivaldi Team

    We are issuing a new 1.5 release candidate, after fixing a couple of serious issues with moving (via the context menu) or dropping tabs between windows. We have also updated various translations.

    See the full blog post here

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  • Update various translations

    Sadly still no translation strings for the "Open in …" strings. I don't understand, why vivaldi-team is setting such a low priority for this, in my opinion missing translation always feel weird and give a kinda alpha or beta-status character.

  • Good!!

  • Darnit you beat me :-)

  • Update dialog on HIDPI screen has still very small text (which is sadly a bug in Edge…..)

  • Moderator

    I thought the same thing :p :D

  • Community Manager

    I can assure that this issue is not a low priority. This is one of many Chromium strings that needs to be translated. The translating team (who are all amazing volunteers) have started working on it. We won't make it for next stable release though so we thank you for your understanding and patience. :twisted:

  • Heh-heh-heh… :D

  • the string's probably part of chromium, so with every update this work will have to be done again?

  • Tab opened by clicking on a link in an external program still does not respect default zoom. It opens at 100%.

  • I appreciate that this is (technically) always a gripe about the previous snapshot, but there is still a problem with the window giving notification of a new version opening behind the open Vivaldi window and being inaccessible (other than closing it via the taskbar and then running 'Check for updates' from the menu).

    W7 64, V32

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Yes, as it's a chromium string.
    No, since it will be enough to translate it only once! :) Devs are doing a good job and they can track it back with every chromium update.

    The problem is that Chromium sometimes use a bit different terminology (especially local translations. Source – English – is a bit more similar) and those Chromium strings were translated by them till a few snapshot back when a few of the Chromium translations were removed.

    Translators (as I'm) should receive those strings to translate soon(ish). I would expect that 1.6 release (or 2.0? who knows) will be with those strings translated.

    As said by gaelle, do not expect it with 1.5 :/ (which is crucial issue for me, too. Since some users do not master English lng. But at least it's actively being worked on.)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    confirmed and also not 100% reproducible. Not sure why it sometimes shows up and sometimes it's not focused…
    W10 x64, x32 Vivaldi standalone install

  • If I drag one tab to a new window, most of the times (but not always), I get the background tab thumb instead of the thumb of the page I dropped (I have tabs on the left - with "Show Tab Thumbnails" enabled). It has been like this in several snapshots.

    If I drag this single tab back to the original window, the context sensitive menu on the page (mouse right click) does not work.

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • Nice work, folks! Now I'm waiting for a better support of touch screen:

    • Pinch to zoom doesn't work yet
    • Sometimes touch screen scrolling doesn't work at all (usually after a little while)
    • Bigger menues when touch screen is used
    • A possibility to change the Speed Dial zoom level independent from the general UI zoom level

  • Single tabs moved to other window and moved back to main window work ok, but tab stacks still act weird.
    I have a tab stack of 4 pages from the same news site, moved out of main window and all 4 display correctly in the new window.
    Move the stack back to the main window, only 1 out of 4 display while the other 3 are not rendered, blank page. Move it out again to a new window, they all display correctly.
    if I ungroup the tabstack, select all with shift click and move all to main window, they all render correctly in the main window.

  • If I right click on a bookmark and choose delete, the browser crashes every time. I can't figure out how to delete a bookmark without it crashing. Using RC2 on Windows.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    can't confirm. Panel, bar and vivaldi://bookmarks… tested all, works all.
    w10 x64, this x32 build (standalone)

  • @theechap:

    If I right click on a bookmark and choose delete, the browser crashes every time. I can't figure out how to delete a bookmark without it crashing. Using RC2 on Windows.

    This has been already reported happening when the file Top Sites has been set as Read only to avoid it to be constantly written to by Vivaldi.

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