Keep Your Friends Close: Using Web Panels for Social Media

  • Using the Web Panels for social media accounts works amazing! So fluid!

  • I love this browser. I am a web engineer. its great for productivity.
    Thank you so much for creating it.
    The biggest change I would be requesting is for some indicator on the panel to show me a notification count/ or light on the social media sites.
    Also a solution for others who may have the same types of problems as I:
    i find that while using the css of the site actually contains a min-width, restricting me from making the panel too thin.
    This is when I discovered that css/js injection plugins effect the panel area too.
    So now I have unset this min-width. i also have the facebook header bar positioned fixed. so I always see notifications even while scrolling through facebook.

  • @duarte-framos: does Tiddlywiki Provide any clear advantages over the current OneNote?

  • Now if I could tile them... so I could have, say, both Gab and Twitter showing.

  • I love being able to use Vivaldi for Instagram activities, especially DM's. However, I can't make it stop showing the "new message" quantity of 1 on the DM icon when I have no new DM's. It's not even all the time, but it is there roughly 75% of the time. Is anyone else seeing this?

  • Hello! I've been trying to use my university mail on a Web Panel but I can't stay logged in (my username and password are already saved when I open it in a normal tab) - am I missing something? Has anyone experienced the same kind of issue?
    BTW I started using Vivaldi this week and I'm totally in love with it! Best browser ever πŸ™‚

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