Keep Your Friends Close: Using Web Panels for Social Media

  • I despise ads a lot. I'm much more enclined to tip the creator than to support an ads system. For that reason, I block ads, and I tip the content creator myself (and they usually get more money from me that way that they would have with any amount of ads).

    I also stopped listening to every radio station that broadcasts ads, same for TV. And the day that augmented reality glasses will be powerful enough to include an ad-blocker for actual real life street ads, I'll be among the firsts to use it.

    Ads are one of the worst way for a society to make an economy run healthily as it keeps feeding your brain with non-stopping hints on what you "need" in your life and trick you into believing a brandmark is better than another.

    Even though I understand that small content creators often rely only on that, I'll keep fighting ads as much as I can. Using a website that uses ads with an adblocker is a way to tell the content creator "No, this system won't do".

  • When I make Vivaldi my main browser I plan to make use of the webpanels as a window for my personal Notes/Todo List/Knowledge Base that is Tiddlywiki

    It would be very nice to eventually see some sort of collaboration between the two projects in the future, like web clipping directly into a tiddlywki file or direct saving to disk support πŸ™‚

  • Notifications on Panel !!! Anyone ???

    Even a red dot is enough for me 😎

  • That would be a must to keep chat services readily accessible in a web panel πŸ™‚

  • I stopped using web panels for this when I realized they never stop loading in the background. I had Twitter and even with the panel closed, it was constantly reloading the feed. I checked this multiple times with my task manager. Not sure if this was fixed or not, since maybe its not even a bug and some people want this (I don't, not at least for most web panels).

    I hope you guys realize this.

    If the web panel is open, sure you want them to be active, its just like having a different window open but smaller.

    But if the web panels are currently closed, the sites are still constantly loading in the background eating bandwidth, CPU and even trashing your disk. Personally I don't like this. If a web panel is closed/minimized (not in your visual rendering screen), it should stop the activity. I understand some may like this, but its like constantly loading invisible websites when you are not looking. This makes your whole system slower and so it does Vivaldi.

  • Hmmm… I don't see it this way.
    IMHO, a web panel should behave like an open tab, whatever it is displayed or not. For example, one of my main usage is for instant messaging (Facebook web messenger, Hangout web, ...). I want Vivaldi to play a notification or a sound when a new message arrive, even if the web panel was hidden.
    I don't think it is using more cpu/disk than a tab you have been pinned and left in background.

  • I agree at 1000 % πŸ˜›
    This would be awesome for chat services like duarte.framos said, but I'm not sure how this could be done… What should trigger this notification? For example, I know that Google Chrome blinks the inbox/gmail tab if there is a new hangout message, but I don't know what is the mechanism behind that.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Nice! Good shout with Pocket. I'm a bit obsessed with that one myself so might make sense to give it a home there. πŸ™‚

  • Vivaldi Team

    Great to hear! Out of curiosity, what's your favourite use for them?

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hmm. Do you mean you'd like to display the panels on the right side of your window? That can be done in Settings > Panels > Panel Position

  • And I don't disagree. This is probably exactly what you want for some panels, just take into account that the web panel will not show a notification on its own, you still need to open it, so is there really a point in keep loading it when you are not viewing it and its closed? Yes and no.

    I suspect for some things, you want this. But for others no. Let me make you a few examples, do you have all your web panels open all the time? Probably not. So does it make sense to load all of them all the time everytime? Probably not. It's a waste of resources. Most people close tabs they don't use for that reason. But with web panels you don't. So if you have a few web panels you only log in or check once a day or every few hours or even every few days, they are still running, all the time, regardless if you are viewing them or not.

    About resources I disagree with you. Imagine if you have 30 web panels in Vivaldi. That means that Vivaldi is now having 30 websites loading all the time. Your browser, even with 1 tab open, now uses the memory of a 30 tab vivaldi browser and CPU, and disk. You just increased your resources by 30+ even when you are browsing 1 single website. Is that what most people want? I don't think so. If you have web panels closed, they are still using resources. Even if you are not watching it or open.

    I suspect, the best approach would be to have a setting where you can freeze or only load a web panel when you open it. This way a user can leave regular web panels (like notifications, or auto loading news feed) to load in the background but set some other web panels to only load when you open the web panel (just like a new tab).

    Just think a minute about it.

    Do you want all your bookmarks to load every time you open the browser? No. You only want to load a website when you open that bookmark. Same for most web panels.

    I only want some web panels to load that content when I click on the web panels, not all the time. When I close the web panel the ram and resources should be emptied. This will work fine for most web panels because if you need to check a new message, news or notifications, it will be there once you open it (as its loading from scratch). Loading the site when you open the web panel will have exactly the same effect as opening a new tab. Once closed, it should be like closing a tab.

  • My main use for web panels back in the Opera12 days was for web-dev , jump links to everyday tasks, and email. I miss email in web-panels 😞
    In Vivaldi I use it only for jump-links. If you can create your own HTML page then you can chuck in all the links you need for your day-to-day tasks. It's better than speed dial πŸ™‚

  • I think there are standard methods for this, Firefox also displays notifications for when a hangouts message arrives or when you receive a new email.
    I guess each browser then implements notifications as it sees fit, in Firefox has a slight glow effect shows up in the tab background.

    I guess a small dot or icon, or something more minimal would fit style Vivaldi better, like a tab corner marker similar to the current 'unread' indicator, or a background color change

  • EDIT: I was supposed to post this as a reply to @sirjeff…
    You can use a web client for email if you want! I use Google Inbox (with a separate width so it doesn't look glitchy), but Gmail looks good, too.

    Jump links is clever, I'll definitely use that.

    What do you use webpanels for in web dev? So far I've only tried using it to check out my mobile responsiveness, but I can just resize my screen for that.

  • I use Google Keep as a web panel! I use Vivaldi's Notes for text-grabbing (snippet of text I might need later, because it keeps the URL), but I use Keep for actually making notes (checklists, quick jot downs, etc). It's synced to my phone, too.

  • Hey @forte95 - I'm a developer and network solutions guy, and have many different email accounts and account types, IMAP, POP and Webmail. I've only just recently moved away from Opera Mail to ThunderBird because it has CalDav calendar support (with Lightning plugin). It's sad for me after being an Opera fan boy since nearly the beginning, and hold out hope for Vivaldi….. one day .... one day πŸ™‚
    My web dev tools are custom built tools for different activities, like whois, ping, server headers, extra page info, and file browser. It does require you run a local web server, or you can host these types of tools online if you have the capability and resource. When Vivaldi becomes my main browser I'll finalise some of these tools and put them online for everyone else to use.
    Web panels rock!! 😎

  • In the meantime you can right-click on a web-panel, go to panel and remove the checkmark. Not ideal, but it unloads it …

  • It seems that ublock origin isn't active the same way as in normal browser windows?
    I seem to see much more ads in the sidebar as in normal pages…
    Otherwise I like it. I mainly use it for Beolingus and a weather service (both don't show ads anyway).

  • Once again great release. keep up the excellent work Vivaldi team 😎

  • Its a must. but i HATE the mobile view since then most extensions for chrome/vivaldi don't work. So i switch them to desktop view and for facebook i use social fixer and removes the sidebars on desktop view and bam πŸ˜ƒ i can use social fixer features as hide posts i have seen already or other things. Only need support for notifications on the vivaldi web panel icons now . and on twitter i still use mobile view. not that found off it but it is okay. So love this ideas keep them coming is all i have to say.

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