Keep Your Friends Close: Using Web Panels for Social Media

  • Vivaldi Team

    We’re building Vivaldi to let users customise their way to the perfect browser. Whatever your browsing goals – from digital marketing to pure entertainment value – social media plays a big part in the day-to-day experience of the web.

    How many times a day do you pop over to Twitter or Facebook to check-in on your feed? A quick straw poll of the Vivaldi office gave a clear answer: “a lot”. But having multiple apps or separate tabs open for each of your favourite platforms can quickly clutter up your screen. Well, clutter no longer. Welcome to Web Panels.

    See the full blog post here

  • Hint: Right-click on the web panel's icon in the panel switcher while the panel is visible and select: "Separate width" if you want it to be always at a certain width independent from other panels.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Excellent tip!

  • Vivaldi Team

    I have been using for fb messaging with great success as a panel. Just remember to right click and set to desktop version and you are away.

  • I use it a lot! I have multiple sites on the web panel. 😃
    Social Media I have in the panel, WhatsApp Web, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, I also have the Feedly… 🙂 -

    Vivaldi is very good! Very stable! I'm using the beta! Neither seems, because it presents no problem! Thank you very much! 🙂

  • I wonder what happens if the panel switcher is full and you add one more … ?

  • - Ambassador -

    Google translate in the panel is a great idea ! I'll add it right now !

  • - Ambassador -

    Use the mobile version, of course.

  • I gathered many tweets about Web panel. Mainly Japanese users.↓↓

    Many users use Twitter on Web panel. And I amazed that many users use web game app for smartphone on Web panel. Incidentally, I recommend Pocket!

  • When you add more, the space ends, there are no more added recently! Only shows if I zoom out. 🙂 -
    Sorry for my English. 🙂

  • I would love to use panels for some news website, but it's impossible without the Ad-blockers support into it. 😞
    Is there any ETA for adblock support on panels ?

    Another thing, i would love to move up and down my different panels to change their orders.

    Otherwise, i would never thought i would have dropped Firefox ever, but after using Vivaldi, it seems such a prehistoric browser in term of features.
    Too bad, Firefox is still love for me for his philosophy, but now with Vivaldi in the race, it's difficult to me to come back to my first love.

    Thanks Vivaldi Team, u've made an awesome work so far.

  • Another great release, keep up the excellent work Vivaldi team

  • No problem with your English 🙂
    I have created VB-23296 as a feature request for all of us who want to add even more panels:
    A context menu entry that allows us to switch through all of the (hidden) panels.

  • - Ambassador -

    Thanks !!!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yes! Google Translate has been a lifesaver for me 🙂

  • Feel free to you to visit the websites with all this flashy / noisy ads.
    I'm not against acceptable ads, i know what's the business model behind websites, but some have lost reason.

    Sorry, I probably didn't teach you anything, you seem to be such a clever guy with your miracle solutions.

  • Love web panels, but one thing I would love is the ability for them to render above the web page in the main ui. For example, if you open a web panel, the web page you are looking at may resize if it is a progressive app (ie Gmail) and that often takes a lot of cpu for a couple of secs (if you have a lot of emails), especially if the web panel is quite wide. So I'd like the web panel to effectively pop on top of Gmail and stay there until I close the panel. I know I can't get to the left side of Gmail underneath, but for this use case, I want to pop open something and then pop it closed again without the main web page even knowing or being affected. I don't think that's currently possible?

  • I would love being able to control the zoom applied JUST in the web panel (I cannot find how to zoom in/out in it). If so, I could use some sites like Web WhatsApp in just a small web panel

  • I despise ads a lot. I'm much more enclined to tip the creator than to support an ads system. For that reason, I block ads, and I tip the content creator myself (and they usually get more money from me that way that they would have with any amount of ads).

    I also stopped listening to every radio station that broadcasts ads, same for TV. And the day that augmented reality glasses will be powerful enough to include an ad-blocker for actual real life street ads, I'll be among the firsts to use it.

    Ads are one of the worst way for a society to make an economy run healthily as it keeps feeding your brain with non-stopping hints on what you "need" in your life and trick you into believing a brandmark is better than another.

    Even though I understand that small content creators often rely only on that, I'll keep fighting ads as much as I can. Using a website that uses ads with an adblocker is a way to tell the content creator "No, this system won't do".

  • When I make Vivaldi my main browser I plan to make use of the webpanels as a window for my personal Notes/Todo List/Knowledge Base that is Tiddlywiki

    It would be very nice to eventually see some sort of collaboration between the two projects in the future, like web clipping directly into a tiddlywki file or direct saving to disk support 🙂

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