Vivaldi 1.5RC 1 - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.658.21

  • Vivaldi Team

    As a new week arrives, the first RC for 1.5 arrives with it. And for our Mac users, worry not, Mac is back once again! With today's build we've fixed several regressions, proprietary media support on OpenSUSE, bookmark title dragging, as well as ungrouping of tabs. Our Show Tab Cycler has been updated to respect tab order. The full list of fixes is listed below in the changelog.

    Our focus towards 1.5 is fixing any regressions since 1.4, so when reporting issues in the comment section below, please keep that in mind.

    See the full blog post here

  • First!11one!1

  • Looking forward for this final 1.5! πŸ™‚

    But unfortunately for me this RC is not ready yet: a crash introduced with tab drag and drop is still present:
    VB-23163 –> Crash if a tab is dropped to a new window, then dropped back to the first window and then reloaded

    Moreover, I just checked, these 2 regressions from 1.4 are also not fixed yet (not critical, but regressions):
    VB-23161: Missing french traduction for open link actions if right click on a link
    VB-23162: Can not re-define mouse gesture mapping with right button (I'm not sure this one is a bug, but it does not seem very logic to draw them with left button, and it is a behavior change anyway)

  • When opening a panel next to Speed Dial and then closing it, thumbnails do not rearrange automaticly, i have to scroll down or up to make them take their initial positions. Running Kubuntu 16.10.

  • If i click on links in extensions like Google Hangouts only a blank page appears. There is also a problem with the Google Notes extension. If i try to log into my Google account only a blank page appears again. There could be a problem in general with blank pages. Please look into it. Thank you.

  • Adding to the list of important bugs, this one hasn't been fixed since months and months ago:

    Vivaldi Bugs

    • VB-23176 - Vivaldi fails to close properly and maxes Disk Usage to 100%

  • Unfortunately the openSUSE media fix does not work for me. Still have to
    copy or link /usr/lib64/chromium/ to /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/lib/

    (Testet with; chromium-ffmpeg-54.0.2840.71-1.1.x86_64)

  • Blank speed dial 😒 "Add bookmark to speed dial" does not work. Checking "use as speed dial" does nothing; checking "use as bookmark bar" works, but speed dial is still blank. This happens with every 1.5 snapshot I have tried, using a fresh profile or my 1.4 profile. Thanks for the new release, but no speed dial is deal-breaker for me.

  • Could you please add a field in keyboard shortcuts window to activate/deactivate "Info Overlay"/"Tooltip" of status bar options? My status bar is normally hidden and whenever I choose to show it and right after hide it via the shortcut, the "Info overlay" is deactivated and it stays in "Hide status bar" option. So I have to go every time in options to mark the "info overlay" radio button again…

    With a hotkey I could turn on the feature when such thing happened, without have to open the options window (some kind of confirmation on screen would be good also). Anyway, it would be this or in some way return (or keep) the condition of the info overlay activated even after hide/show the status bar... I don't know, just an idea.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Please add a screenshot.

    Did you send a bug report? If not, send it through here

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Thank you so much for having fix VB-22040 and VB-23136.

  • Moderator

    Thanks for the nice beginning of the week and a first RC release πŸ™‚ Nice job πŸ˜‰

  • Moderator

    Could an extension be messing with this? If not, try refreshing your profile. My speed dial options all work perfectly here, so it's something wrong at your end, not a defect built into the browser.

  • Win 7 64, Viv 32

    Again, install popup DID NOT install Viv on my system. Will try full file.

    Full file DID install! Thanks.

    Also downloaded a new update of file I already had on directory I pointed to. Instead of asking to overwrite and replace old it created a new (1) file, no dialogue.

  • how come it's 2016 and such stupid comments are still a thing?

  • Regression: Can't assign '~' key (also with modifiers) as a hotkey.

  • finally VB-14842 (and VB-22040) are fixed, it caused very much pain for me πŸ˜‰

  • logging with google to a browser doesn't work since beginning. i guess it won't work forever as this looks like a chrome thing.

    could be nice though. I will be able to upload my music to google music without switching to chrome

  • He is allowed to do that - he is Olli. It would be stupid if anyone else would do it, but this has class. πŸ˜›

  • "VB-23163 –> Crash if a tab is dropped to a new window, then dropped back to the first window and then reloaded" too, crash. And the setting partly reset. Restart needed.


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