Designing the Developer Story at Vivaldi Web Browser

  • Vivaldi is the browser that puts you in control, and as we grow and move towards an increasingly feature-rich product, highlighting and improving features for the developer audience is becoming ever more possible.

    It is curious how individuals go about choosing browsers that become the primary environment for browsing. In the case of web developers, designers, user experience and interface engineers, and other web professionals, it’s where we spend the majority of our time doing the work we do.

    To that end, Vivaldi’s Communications team would like to extend an invitation to all web professionals to share what’s working for you in terms of developer workflow, and which features are truly useful to you.

    See the full blog post here

  • Great work on making sure things are accessible through high-contrast themes!

  • I'm not a developer so I'll abstain. Just wanted to say this kind of initiative is what shows well the kind of love and support and your give you user community. Keep it up 🙂

  • so a template would be about the custom web being a software page besides the software browser;
    on which official websites where to be only official contents at the custom web;
    that individuals would install these extensions being presented by the user how the information are rendered at the software page;

    a truly virtual magazine that updates itself as data is made available,
    but then yet on the lack of productivity that web development is not restricted by the software design; so the information would be available to the templates in a custom manner;

  • "Vivaldi is the browser that puts you in control"
    well, for now you are not only way behind Opera but still catching up to Firefox, but I hope you won't get lost and some day (soon I hope) Vivaldi will become THE browser
    What makes me use Firefox?
    Newsfox (not as good as M2s reader or Smart RSS, but still awesome)
    (almost) fully configurable gestures in the form of Fire Gestures (that work even on pages generated by extensions, so I can close my reader without hassle, this is impossible with chrome extensions due to chromium "safety" policy)
    Being able to remove close tab icons (through userchrome.css but works like a charm)
    Ability to open new tab by middle clicking on tab bar (seriously, I'm going nuts when it doesn't work)
    Being able to customize toolbar (including putting bookmarks bar there)
    what I hate about firefox:
    it's slow, not as slow as Opera, but sometimes causes minor headache
    menu button on the right (makes no sense at all)

  • Since the day I've installed Vivaldi I completely stopped using Chrome.

  • Moderator

    TL;DR: Please add a Bookmarks menu to the macOS Menu Bar.

    From a workflow perspective, one of Vivaldi's most annoying shortcomings is bookmark navigation. This is especially true for me as a Mac user (with 2000+ bookmarks!) given that Vivaldi does not yet have a Bookmarks menu on the macOS menu bar. (I organize my bookmarks so that the first 15 bookmark folders are like categorized speed dials. I do not use Vivaldi's Speed Dials at all, ever.)

    With any other browser, via the Bookmarks menu, I can access my most frequently used bookmarks in less than two seconds and with 2 button clicks.

    With Vivaldi, navigating a large bookmark tree via the Start Page or the Bookmark Panel is tedious by comparison. The Bookmarks Bar is another option but it's not as efficient (from a Fitts' Law perspective) as the Mac's Menu Bar; it's also either on or off, and there's no way to enable the Bookmarks Bar only on the Start Page (similar to what Chrome does on its "New Tab" page) so that it doesn't waste space during normal web browsing. On a related note… for me, bookmark thumbnails also serve no purpose; there's also no way to disable them, no easy way to delete them, and the more you use Vivaldi, the more memory they take up. (I think you can guess how I feel about the "Update Thumbnails" button. 🙂 )

    My apologies for the long post on such a simple issue. I hope that we can look forward to seeing a Bookmarks menu on macOS in the not-too-distant future. Thanks very much for all of your collective efforts to make Vivaldi the most usable web browser!

  • I would use Vivaldi as my main browser if it was as native as possibile regarding Favorites and passwords. For example I would like passwords in keychain. I have more than one iThing. DevTools satisfy me: I am already using them every day.

  • This may sound dumb but I actually need detachable/exploitable tabs for development. That is the most important feature in my case, because without being able to quickly send the DEV window to one monitor, the live one to another and references sites to another one, its very painful and slow.

    I constantly do this, taking tabs in our out of Windows in different monitors.

    I also think that currently the Dev tools in Firefox are far better than in Chrome. I have found errors and bugs with Firefox that the Chrome console does not show. The color picker is also handy, and some other ways that Firefox debugs things is just cleaner if you ask me. Chrome Dev tools are excellent but the interface is not as simple or straight as in Firefox, the way source code is colored in Firefox is also way better.

    I use Firefox only for development and Vivaldi as my main browser and Edge as reference browser (because its opens and closes so fast).

    If I could detach tabs in Vivaldi like with any other browsers I would use it for more dev related tasks. Vivaldi multiple monitor is just horrible right now.

  • That is just a bad idea, really. The only way to do it securely is with a master password but that would still be inferior to using an external password manager. You have LastPass, KeePass and Dashlane, others. They all do browsers integration and are far better than any build in password manager in your browser.

    Storing logins in your browser is a terrible idea in terms of security and its not giving you any benefit either. You want to quickly login in without having to fill passwords to websites? All 3 options I posted do that today.

  • Try one of the latest snapshot builds. Tab detaching is one of the upcoming features for the next stable release

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    In the next stable, you'll find you can even drag tabs to other browsers.

  • Thanks @Frenzie - it's one of the features that impressed me most when I joined Vivaldi 🙂

  • Thanks @duarte.framos - that is exactly part of the reason I wanted to post about our plans so that folks not only know what we're thinking - but can help us be even better by lending your thoughts to the mix! 🙂

  • So: RSS reader; Better Gestures; Easily Remove the Close Tab icons, Open new tab with mouse click/gesture; better toolbar customization. Is the "menu button on right" a comment about Vivaldi and if so can you explain what you mean or help me with a screen shot to see exactly to what you refer? Thanks! 🙂

  • Well that makes us all very happy, as you can imagine. We will continue striving for excellence always! 🙂

  • Worry not (said in a Yoda voice) 😉 I like the detailed feedback - it really does help so much. Thank you for your ongoing support of Vivaldi and for taking the time to respond so we always put you first!

  • Hi @mico - any have said the same - that the docking issue for the dev tools is not a problem and they are happy with the current tools in the UI. We still aim to make it an option. As @terere points out, there are some schools of thought that strongly caution against keychain and local password store. Our mantra is "When in doubt, make it an option" so we will be looking into the issue more and our devs will weigh the pros and cons of how to improve password controls while ensuring users can be as secure as they so choose.

  • Just to add to the song being sung - yes, we've got more yummy tab features pipelined. Tickles my toes to know people really enjoy and make good use of our extended Tab features (and more to come!)

  • I might be missing a setting or something but I cannot see the Toggle Device toolbar of Chrome(Chromium?). It's not something really that important but it has it's uses.

    Unfortunately I have been working at Support for almost 11 months now and have not used Vivaldi to develop long enough to have more tips besides the docking, which in many cases is great to use.

    Performance is still an issue and sometimes I get page freezes, specially if I click a link that opens a new tab. Sometimes doesn't even show any content. just stays blank. I have to copy the url and open a new tab and paste it. Happens in at least 2 machines so it does not seem like a setup issue.


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