A fresh makeover - Vivaldi forum gets a new look

  • Since 2013 we’ve been running our whole community site on Joomla with various plugins, including Kunena for forums. It has served us well but we feel it’s time to move on to more modern and flexible tools. We are starting with the forums and have switched over to NodeBB, which gives us a much faster, snappier and overall improved experience for everyone. NodeBB is built with javascript, expressjs and a long list of node modules. It shares some technology with our beloved browser!


    See the full blog post here

  • Vivaldi Translator

    very nice but would be nice to have even users blogs revamped like this :)

  • We're working on it :)

  • Is the Vivaldi team blog(this part of the site) going to be revamped as well?

  • Yep, that will be revamped too

  • All blogs. The platform will get exchanged, too. ;)

  • The new "spoiler alert" tags doesn't hide the post, and there's an extra "!" in the beginning of every one of them (at least the ones converted from the old forum).

    There's also a problem with the "code" tags.
    For example: https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/72793

  • blacing fast, nice!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Wow what an improvement in speed compared to the previous version of the forum. I really like the disign and the new features too :)

  • duplicate

  • New forum exemplifies what is wrong with contemporary Internet. Speed is sacrificed on an altar of bells & whistles (for example fade in and out; smooth scrolling on going back; way back in Opera 12 going back was blazingly fast thanks to "memory cache"). Navigation is done via javascript and then address bar is updated (at least it looks that way). To think that in the old days scripts altering Status bar - not address bar (!) - were considered malicious and old Opera 12 had an option to disallow this. "Loading progress" via javascript inside a webpage not in address bar (as it should). Not to mention all not very readable.
    To sum up: TOTAL DISASTER.

  • Congrats on the upgrade!
    I've been getting this when I try to login:

    Internal Error.
    Oops! Looks like something went wrong!
    Provided Authorization Grant is invalid

    Did you migrate accounts or should I create a new one? Is it stil the same as the blog?

  • I also can't seem to log out from the blog, nor log into the new forums

  • Everything should be the same. If the issues persist, try deleting your cookies for vivaldi.net and all subdomains. If it still doesn't fix it, drop us a message ;)

  • Hi guys

    I don't really like the new look. Maybe the underlying tech is better, but the forums should be more aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

    Now they fell like the new Skype. Old Skype was way better.


  • I have a similar problem, Ayespy told the devs are looking into this issue. I confirm that at least clearing the vivaldi.net cookies helps in the logout issue

  • Me neither. For me its too "materialistic" A lot of wasted space. White background and in the middle some list of threads with no borders etc. And that fading, too much fading.

  • The speed of the new forum format is wonderful. On the other hand, and perhaps because I'm decidedly old school with computers (having been using them since before the dawn of the PC era), I find the emphasis on bold, garish colors and over-simplified iconography and functionality to be a throwback to low-res, CGA-era software. Much has been gained in the era of mobile/handheld devices with miniature screens, but much design elegance seems also to have been lost.

  • Exactly my opinion, a forum for mobiles when vivaldi is for pcs.

  • Thanks for screwing all by latest few updates - many sites don't remember my accounts and passwords now, and for many pages i can not even log in.
    Moreover when i set size for websitej (for example 120%), it not appears. Websitej are always in standard size, i have to use my "normal size" key.
    So - THANK YOU VERY MUCH for screwing all good job. I have to say bye-bye to Vivaldi, which is not for people with passion.

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