Adding Your Favorite Web Site Search Engines with Vivaldi

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly search your favourite sites without first having to navigate to their main page? With Vivaldi’s custom search engines you can!

    See the full blog post here

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Thank you for this interesting new post.
    It would be nice to put them all together into a kind of FAQ, so that they are easily recoverable.

  • Community Manager

    It is already available on 🙂

  • Google translate service (automatically translate a text right from your address bar/search bar)

    Use this URL:|cs|%s

    First "auto" state from which lng you want to translate ("auto" = detect lng)
    Second "auto" state to what lng you want to translate ("auto" = latest used; can be changed to e.g. "cs" for Czech output)

    You can also use a nickname for searching. E.g. set "tr" as a nickname.

    Then just search for some text (use it like "tr anything you want to translate"
    You can use this tutorial (created by me):

    cheers guys 😎

  • actually, you don't need all of that, just encrypted google and duckduckgo are enough. There's a feature from duckduckgo called !bang which enables user to search using many kinds of search engines via duckduckgo, for example if you want to search a video in youtube on Vivaldi just type d !yt [search query]
    look up duckduckgo bang and see for yourself

  • Sorry, I can not find a link to new snapshot in your post.

  • Still not working in most sites, come on, if chropera can do it you can too

  • Hey guys you know what would also be a great additional way of adding search engines?

    Bookmark wild cards! I find it a lot more comfortable to store search engines there because they are easy to organize/backup/export.

    Any plans to support that in the future? That would be really great!

  • after this news, sorting your searchengines isn't far away 😉

  • Now if only we could search our history page through a shortcut from the address bar….. that would be amazing.

  • Respectfully, I can't help but wonder why OpenSearch support was stripped out of the Blink engine to begin with, or why the search engine database is located at \AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Local App Settings\mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli*.log rather than webdata, where the database is readily manageable and directly exportable in most any blink clone. I realize Vivaldi is not intended to be a Blink clone, but it seems to be one of those, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it…" sort of things.

    With that in mind, I can't say enough good things about the browser….keep up the great work.

  • Actually, this can be “abused” for a slightly different goal as well:

    Search string:
    Search shortcut: r

    Now if you type

    r vivaldibrowser
    ```you are redirected to
    I take no credit for this since I think I actually learned this neat little trick from an old Opera dev blog post.

  • Moderator

    Acroymns are COIK

  • This doesn't work with all sites. Doesn't recognize fields as "search fields" or whatever and so doesn't let them be added. Also can't add some sites the 2nd way because they won't show you the search string, just show or whatever.

    Another thing I'd like to bring up is something that I used constantly in Opera that doesn't work when it comes to the searches in Vivaldi: I have a nickname/search shortcut "y" for youtube. If I typed "y mmafight…" on Opera it used to also search from by bookmarks for and displayed those as suggestions and that was great for quickly getting to a youtube channel you have bookmarked.

  • Another great motivation for bookmark wildcards. It would make storing these all a lot more manageable, sortable, and exportable

  • The built in searches are not only restricted to "real" search engines but you can use them for web site searches too, e.g. I use this for searching artist, song and record information on Discogs:
    ```or to look if a website is down for everyone:

    or on any other page that uses GET searches for the in site search.

  • Bug: Load a Page in background (middle click), then drag it (without opening the tab) into a tab stack. It has an empty thumbnail and cannot be activated until you drag it into a new tab.

  • It doesn't (yet) recognize search fields that use POST for submitting the searches. There is a bug about it, so it should be only a question of time when it will be in.

  • so this is the place where it's stored?

    i already asked on forums with no replies 😞 ->

    damn… the file looks a bit "binary"

    anyone knows how to get the search engines data out of it and put it back into new install?

  • too bad that ` (or ~) key (left to the "1" on standard US Layout), even with modifiers still cannot be assigned as a shortcut after recent updates. 😕

    you asked for regressions! you've got one!


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