Fixes for recent regressions - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.652.8

  • Vivaldi Team

    A small update with fixes for some recent regressions, including a fix for proprietary media for Windows 32-bit users without hardware acceleration.

    See the full blog post here

  • Thanks!

  • Oh wow, great job!

  • Vivaldi VPN? Do you plan to?

  • Thanks for the update and clarification in terminology

  • I'm still little bit confused with regression :). So for example, "[Regression] H.264/MP4 video and MP3 audio does not play on Windows 32-bit with HWA off (VB-22547)" This was working in previous snapshot, and in this new snapshot it is not working again, as it appears in current changelog? Or Am I completely wrong?

  • It means that it was working. Then it broke and the fact that you're reading it in the changelog means it's supposed to be fixed and working once again. ;)

  • Moderator

    Guys and gals, what do you think about the current behavior of autocomplete ?

  • We're especially interested in getting feedback whether it's predictable and delivers the results that you expect. ;)

  • Definitely better. More URLs are starting to show just the main URL of the website, instead of some sub-URL of that website. I noticed didn't do that for me though, but I never use Bing. But so far, the only websites that still show some sub-URL are sites that I never visit except for that one time I was reading something from that sub-URL.

    So far, much better!

  • Wow, 2nd snapshot this week already? So uh, you guys wanna try and break your record with a third?:wink:

  • Where would one see the content blocker icon? What content blocking? I thought I was reading the Opera blog for a minute.

    Is it correct that delta updates do not apply unless you have the immediately previous build? I had last week's build, not yesterday's, and there was a full update.

  • We already had a "perfect" week once before ;)

  • Banned

    On snapshot 1.5.648.6 VB-22494 (Double-clicking on the New Tab [+] icon maximizes browser) was fixed. What about VB-21810 (Double clicking on add new tab button resizes window)? It has earlier number and reports broader problem.

  • It's the same, isn't it? And it should be fixed…?

    If you're only asking because you fear that your issues don't get enough attention, I can guarantee you that they do. We may pick one issue or another as the "master" bug for duplicates for a multitude of reasons, but rest assured that we appreciate every single one of your 279 bug reports so far! ;)

  • Thanks for sharing your feedback, D0J0P!
    Would you expect to get although you never visited the main page before or is the current behavior according to your expectations?

  • The icon appears when a secure page that gets served via https loads content from an insecure source over http.

    And you're right about the deltas. They do get served from the last snapshot to the current one and the full installer if you have an older version. ;)

  • Wait, I'm getting a little confused. The bug in the changelog mentions 'content blocker'. I'm guessing this is referring to the insecure content blocker, given that it now has a nicer icon. But is that now different to the 'content blocker' page action?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    The window of update check (install or not) don't display if Vivaldi is minimized.
    Even if I restore Vivaldi's window state, the dialog don't display. I must close it by right click on taskbar and check updates manually from menubar.
    Vivaidi x64 on WIn 10 Home x64.

  • the performance of Vivaldi on my laptop is improved in this update, great job
    thanks for the update

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