Chromecast support - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.648.6

  • Vivaldi Team

    As requested by many of you, we have enabled Chromecast support directly within the browser and fixed a range of other, smaller issues.

    Enjoy your weekend and expect more from us next week!

    See the full blog post here

  • Many thanks for the weekend snapshot! :-)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Hi, you can fix regression "VB-22040 - Saving bookmarks by dragging URLs / Tab" which is very annoying? If you have many folders in your bookmarks it is very inconvenient to use the "Add Bookmark" button, especially because the folders do not reflect the order used in the view of the side panel.

    VB-13469 - Order bookmarks opening

  • Well, "Chromecast support" means nothing to me, but "VB-22358" sure does – thank you!!

  • Aaaagh! This continuing lack of Mac snapshots is breaking my heart… :(

  • Vivaldi Translator

    PS: Thank you for having placed " VB-19728 - Text balloon on the current tab to see more easily the title", now is perfect.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Thank you for the great browser.

    I want to know the settings for the behavior below.

    1. browse some sites with 2 tabs:
    tab1: Site A
    tab2: Site B, C, D (stacking, active is B)
    2. open link in site A with tab3 at rightmost.
    3. close tab3.
    4. new active is site B (not D).

  • Thanks for me already loads FAST just overall a lot smoother UI etc. on my machine make it a LOT easier to use as a usable or main browser again. Just got it on THANKS guys for the improvement even from us dummies. :D Noticed the difference even on this post.

  • I liked that new V icon so much…

  • I wish I could use Vivaldi as my main browser, but it lacks 2 deal breaking features.

    1. Developer Tools docked to the window.
    2. Option to keep my search text visible across all tabs. As a developer I do constant searches and it is a pain to have to keep pasting my search query into each tab if it is still even in my clipboard.

  • That's a great improvement, so thanks, Vivaldi. :)

    Mind you, related to this is VB-13506, which asks for the page title to be displayed on the window title bar. On Windows 8.1 and 10, the page title isn't displayed on the window title bar, at least for me (there have been confirmations by others). Firefox on Windows 10 shows the page title on the window title bar, and Vivaldi on Linux also shows this.

    I've asked about this issue for several months now (leaving a couple of months between asks so as not to spam), but haven't received any official replies. Really would love this issue to be fixed, because it makes it very easy at a glance to read the page title and distinguish separate Vivaldi windows.

  • Regarding 2: It automatically inserts clipboard text when I open the bar for me on Win10. Doesn't it work that way for you, too?

  • Thanks for the snapshot ! I don't know if it's an intended behaviour but when mooving the cursor over a tab, the pop-up not only shows the name of the tab but also a quick description( like when creating a bookmark, for instance : NextInpact-Actualité informatique au quotidien).
    EDIT: This is off topic but with the stable chanel on Kubuntu, Im' stil unable to use flash and this since the upgrade from 16.04 to 16.10 like others. Any news about it ?

  • Moderator

    Actually having the builds would be worse, believe me. At least, now, you still have an usable browser ;)

  • Press F3 to to search on other tabs.
    For dev tools docking you can use devtools.js from as a temprorary workaround.

  • Moderator

    You can do a workaround for docking the dev tools, look at
    Yeah, it's not ideal, but it helps in the mean time…

    As for the second issue, you can do ctrl+g to do the same search as previously across tabs. Might not be exactly what you want, but helps a lot too :)

  • Bookmarks bar / TOP / not the sidebar. Why can't I moved the bookmark link?
    It does not work since the release of Vivaldi.
    PLS fix this!

    Thank You!

  • It's not exactly clipboard content, but the last search done even from another tab, so it actually works as intended

  • That V logo looks much better now. Thank you. I wonder if it'll change for the stable stream, though.

    And have a good weekend, and lets crank some more cool features next week!

  • Vivaldi is on a feature-streak right now. I lost the count of the snapshots since 1.4. This 1.5 release will be HUGE !

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