Don't let go: mouse gestures to the rescue

  • There’s no doubt that automating frequently used browsing tasks makes things more efficient and faster. Previously, we’ve mentioned the advantages of being a keyboard shortcuts pro - this time, let’s look at mouse gestures.

    See the full blog post here

  • U to reload, DR to close the current tab, DL to close all other tabs, DRD to reopen the last closed tab.

    I'm still missing however the keyboard + gesture abilities of Opera 12.

  • Please add option to disable gesture for opening random link from closed tab - it's interesting for average user but useless for more advanced ones.

  • When will we get Down-Right gesture on a tab to close it? Currently it just closes the currently open tab rather than the one whose tab index the gesture was started on. (Not nagging, just asking 😉 ) 😛

  • I mostly use the following :

    • Right click + Swipe left => previous page
    • Right click + Swipe right => next page
    • Right click + Swipe up => go to the top of the page
    • Right click + Swipe down => go to the bottom of the page

    I'll try the ideas of S-swipe or C-swipe to open settings or commands, it looks really interesting, thanks for sharing the idea 🙂

    EDIT : I just thought of something : it could be nice to have a gesture to just move down on the page by one "screen". On my computer here, it would mean "one gesture" is equivalent to "scrolling down by 8 ticks of my mouse wheel".

  • I'll add two custom ones I like using:

    • Right click + Right, Down, Left, Down (a bit like a question mark without the dot) for Keyboard Cheat Sheet
    • Right click + Up, Right, Down, Left (a closed box) for New Private Window

  • Ambassador

    Page Down should do that.

  • Page down on the keyboard you mean ? Yep, it does that, but I can't find it in the list of mouse gestures. Maybe I just can't find the right translation in my language though 😛

    EDIT : ah, I found a gesture simply called "Page" in my language (French), that is equivalent to Page Up. I guess there was a mistranlation somewhere here. couldn't find the Page Down though.

  • Ambassador

    My favourites at the moment

    • GestureUp = Scroll Page to Top
    • GestureDown = Scroll Page to Bottom
    • GestureUp,Down = Toggle Bookmarks Bar
    • GestureDown,Up = Reopen Closed Tab
    • GestureRight,Left = Toggle Bookmarks Panel (Panels on the right)
    • GestureRightt,Down,Left = Open Saved Session

    Rocker Gestures cannot yet be assigned, and trying to do so just adds a red dot to the Mouse defining UI.

    FlipBack = Collapse all would be useful in the panels.

  • I found a gesture simply called "Page" in my language (French), that is equivalent to Page Up. I guess there was a mistranslation somewhere… Couldn't find the Page Down yet 😛

  • Ambassador

    I switched my language to Français.

    Page Up = Page
    Page Down = Actions sur la page

    So, yes, definitely some mistranslations there.

    (VB-22505) French Translation Errors for Page Up/Down

  • Aaaah, thank you mate 🙂

  • Ambassador

    I really want to use mouse gestures but can't because my disability makes it difficult to make accurate right angle moves and even accurate vertical or horizontal moves. I can much more easily make diagonal moves. Is there any chance of allowing diagonal moves? if this something that cannot be implemented for some technical reason?

  • Minimize window gesture still missing 😢

  • I am an unconditional fan of gestures ever since the days of old MyIE2 browser (now Maxthon)

    One thing I miss is the ability to define more than one different gesture for a certain command/action.
    Also Scroll Leftmost and Scroll Rightmost gestures (equivalent to the available Scroll to Top and Scroll to Bottom)

    Any plans to eventually add these in the future?

  • Ambassador

    Try a circular motion rather than diagonal.

    A semicircle will be interpreted as GestureRight,Down,Left
    A full circle will be interpreted as GestureRight,Down,Left ,Up

    That assumes starting at the top.

  • I use gesture Up to close a tab, but I still miss the option to assign two different gestures to the same action (I also want the default gesture Down,Right to work for close tab).

    In Opera 12 it is possible to assign the same action to two gestures via mouse.ini, but that does not seem to be possible via the current Vivaldi UI.

  • Ambassador

    Thank you, that does work, But I can't seem to consistently draw the semi-circle.

  • I anxiously await the option to assign rocker gesture to other commands. In Opera 12 I used it to switch between tabs, (either forward or back). That works much better than the currently proposed scroll wheel attempt to switch tabs

  • I'm speaking for myself and say that, as a mouse gesture user maniac: Thank you a million times! Vivaldi's mouse gestures have made my browsing life easier, faster, more productive and a real fun! No other - and I mean it - browser is even close to Vivaldi when it comes to mouse usage! It's - in my opinion - the number one selling point of the browser!

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