Reader Mode button and drag tabs between windows improvements - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.5.633.3/16

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    Are you using "uBlock Origin v1.9.10" or some other extension like "WebRTC Network Limiter" that overrides the WebRTC IP Handling Policy?

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    Are you using "uBlock Origin v1.9.10" or some other extension like "WebRTC Network Limiter" that overrides the WebRTC IP Handling Policy?

  • Vivaldi stopped to remember passwords on websites. It is good when i am logged, but when logged out, Vivaldi doesn't remember my password and account now.
    Of course i have it in my settings as always.

  • After fiddling around and doing some diagnostics, it turns out it has something to do with Windows Time and Date as well as certain lack of access on the account part.

    Since I couldn't fix it, I gave up and reinstalled Windows, and now it's all good.

  • Yes, I use that version of uBlock and "Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses" is un-checked. Disabling uBlock allows to un-check Vivaldi's settimg but as soon as uBlock is enabled again, Vivaldi checks the WebRTC check-box ๐Ÿ˜ž Looks like I have to prevent this through the uBlock setting. Weird

  • Congrats on another awesome release!

    About Reader Mode, I loaded this website:
    โ€ฆ and nothing is shown, so it isn't really working.

    My Vivaldi Wishlist

    1. Profiles: I need to work with several profiles, each one with its own extensions and cookies
    2. In-line Developer Tools: support for in-line (not popup) Developer Tools.
    3. Native Windows 10 Notifications: Currently Vivaldi uses Chrome notifications and they appear on top of my tabs.
    4. Edit Speed Dial URLs with an "Edit" Context Menu option: Currently we have to use the Bookmarks Menu to do that. I don't ever use the Bookmarks menu.
    5. Allow reordering of Speed Dial Tabs
    6. Allow customization of Speed Dial thumbnails
    7. M3: Let us set up the feeds refresh interval to at least 5 or 15 minutes

  • I don't think it should be shown on a front page full of articles, but on a single article.

  • This isn't first time a snapshot with Mail leaked. Previous one can still be found in the internet. What's worrying - looks like there isn't much progress since then. And I guess a full year already had passed.

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    Weird, but at least there's a logical explanation. If you go back a few snapshots, I posted some comments that explain what's going on.

    If you can't check or uncheck the Vivaldi preference, it means that an extension is overriding the setting.

    There's also a bug in uBlock Origin 1.9.10 where it will always override the WebRTC IP Handling policy with its own setting. Since both the "On" and "Off" setting for "Prevent WebRTCโ€ฆ" in uBlock0 is less strict than how Vivaldi can set this policy, the Vivaldi option will always be checked if this "old" version of uBlock is enabled. Just check the "Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses" setting in uBlock and you'll still be okay.

    A new version of uBlock Origin will likely be out in a few days; it will contain a fix that minimizes conflicts with browsers such as Vivaldi and Opera that also have their own options to change the WebRTC IP Handling policy.

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    Okay, [putting my flame-resistant suit on againโ€ฆ] do we really want people to keep posting their wish lists here over and over again like aggressive panhandlers?!?

  • @jacekn:

    looks like there isn't much progress since then

    Let me fix that for you :

    looks like there isn't much VISIBLE progress since then


  • @Folgore101:

    VB-19728 - Text balloon on the current tab to see more easily the title.

    settings, tabs, disable "Show popup thumbnails"

  • Depends on the point of view - technically it belongs to both. It was added to the search subsection too because several users did not find it in the privacy section.

  • Right, it was intended to be like that from the beginning when arc90 first published the code. Additionally it was intended not to run if there is no sufficient amount of continuous text - at least 200 characters in the original (IIRC, long time ago).

  • Readability (the Vivaldi read mode is based on that, the same as the readers in other browsers too) works destructive and so the page needs to be reloaded from the cache (apart from those parts of the page that use a cache breaker or have the http header set to expired, such indicating that it should not be cached).

  • (VB-21840) does not seem to be fixed. I reported the same issue as:

    (VB-21583) A dragged URL is not opened in a new tab when dropped on the tab bar

  • Oooooooh, yes please. I dooooo vote for Hot Purple, or alternatively, Smoke On The Water Purple.

    Here you are, trolls, I'll do it for you to save you the effort: -1,000,000.73.

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    Too late!! ruario already promised that the Vivaldi Snapshot icon will remain as is - a nice, pleasant, neutral Charcoal Grey! But feel free to pick whatever colour you want for your internal builds. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Vivaldi Translator


  • Vivaldi Translator

    (I invented the term. It was funnier than just plain yellow ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


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