Why should we use shortcuts everyday?

  • Being a pro at keyboard shortcuts doesn’t just boost your geek factor, there are several actual reasons why you should use shortcuts more often. Here at Vivaldi, we use them all the time. This is why we not only give users so many shortcuts out of the box, but also the ability to customise each one to their own unique preference.

    See the full blog post here

  • I am a great fan of shortcuts. I reserve single key shortcuts (no modifier) for the panels:

    b = Bookmarks Bar
    s = status bar

    I am hoping one day to have mnemonic shortcuts as in Opera 12.17 to extend the power of this very efficient workflow. I use them extensively to launch other programs in preference to using toolbar buttons (which I also use sometimes), e.g.

    f,t,p = Execute program, "FTP Commander"
    p,p,8 = Execute program, "Serif PagePlus X8"
    p,p,9 = Execute program, "Serif PagePlus X9" etc.
    t,d = Execute program, "ToDo.txt" (opens in my default text editor Notepad2.exe)

  • In the old Opera i could use the mouse to scroll through the tabs (i think left or right click hold and scroll) but now with Vivaldi it is no longer possible. Would love to see that shortcut return.

  • It's already available. Settings, Tabs, Tab Features, Switch Tabs by Scrolling. That enables RMB + Scrollwheel.

  • Ctrl + Tab / RMB + Scroll is my favorite shortcut. I'm just a bit confused about its handling of pinned tabs. If you start Vivaldi with a pinned tab, the first time you use Ctrl + Tab it will always take you to the pinned tab. Afterwards, everything is fine and Ctrl + Tab will switch to the previously active tab.

    Is this intended or a bug?

  • Yep, shortcuts and the ability for everyone to personalize them are great! Thanks for that! 🙂

    The keyboard shortcuts I think I use the most:
    Backspace to go back (default)
    CTRL+0 to reset zoom (default)
    CTRL+PageUp/Down to switch to previous/next tab (personalized)

    But I'm a big fan of mouse shortcuts and I use them far more often than keyboard. However, the 2 things I miss the most are:
    1. Being able to re-define the rocker gesture action (For example, on Opera I used to switch to previous/next tab with rocker gestures)
    2. A shortcut to display the speed dial in current tab, that I can assign to a mouse gesture (I think this a basic action, but for the moment I have to execute two different things: close current tab and then open an new speed dial tab)

  • Ctrl + 1/2 to go to Previous/Next tab

    Why do you choose to use Ctrl? 1/2 by default goes to previous/next tab.

  • I, personally, don't want to have anything to do with the keyboard. In fact, I use it only to enter addresses, everything else is done by using the state-of-the-art customizable mouse gestures introduced by Vivaldi. I have assigned almost everything I need to gestures and, when not possible, to programmable mouse keys. That's why I believe Vivaldi is light years ahead of the competition in mouse usage!

  • My favorite shortcuts, which make it super easy to navigate left and right through tabs:

    Alt + A & Alt + S to go left and right through tabs, something I've had since the beginning.

    Alt + T to open a new tab instead of Ctrl + T, just to make it easier for me since I use Alt for the above shortcuts. Alt + E to search instead of Ctrl + E for the same reason.

    I used to use Alt + R for reload instead of Ctrl + R as well, but I accidentally reloaded my SD thumbnails too many times, so I just use the stock shortcut.

    I used to have Alt + ` to open the panel, but it's now Alt + 1, and Alt + 2 & 3 to cycle next and previous.

    Alt B to add a bookmark. Alt D to go home, because home for me is DuckDuckGo.

    I use Alt + F for finding things instead of Ctrl + F, just to make it easier, and then use Alt + K and L to cycle next and previous, because I don't have any other keys to use.

    I use Alt + D to focus address bar, like every other browser, which should be default anyway.

    Other than that, I leave everything stock. I try to come up with keyboard shortcuts that are both easy to reach, and easy to reach many of them, and make sense as well and are somewhat logical.

  • Jon von Tetzchner (Founder/CEO on Windows) is using:
    Single key shortcuts: Z (Back), X (Forward), 6 (Reset Zoom) ,9 (Zoom out) ,0 (Zoom in)
    as well as F4 (toggle left side panel), F11 (full screen window) and F2 (opens Quick command).

    I share the exact same single key shortcuts, YEAH!
    (exept F2, which I still don't understand the usage)

  • Moderator

    I can't live with no shotcuts.
    These are my Top 5:
    a) "Z" - history back
    b) "X" - history forward
    c) "1" - previous tab
    d) "2" - next tab
    Ctrl+Tab performs both shortcuts above
    e) "F2" - mostly used to call bookmarks by their nickname

  • Why doesn't "Find next" work with a single key assignment, such as the letter "n"? That does work in old Opera, as long as you were focused in the body of the page when hitting it.

    I'm aware that F3 exists (though I don't normally have my F Lock on), but I got used to "." for Find (which does work) and "n" for Find next (and "m" for Find previous, which also doesn't work).

  • I was able to assign 5 and 6 to find next/previous. Shortcuts m and n were already assigned to something else. Single-key shortcuts must be enabled for this to work.

  • 3 Steps forward 2 steps back….
    I never liked GUI's. When Windows FIRST implemented them I could run Quattro and WP fast as all get out with keystrokes. They kept changing them so much I couldn't keep up with them and now I don't know any... so here we go on Merry Go Round of technology again!!!!

    That's why I shutter when some company says you can't live without this.

  • What is 1/2 anyway? Have more keys than any on new keyboad what code is 1/2! This is like HA, Ha, HA we know something that no-one else knows specialized Med jargon.

  • I use spatial navigation (shift + left/right/up/down) a lot, in combination with Ctrl-Enter (open in background) or shift-enter (open in new tab).
    Also Z/X to go back and forward and F8/F9 to focus address bar or webpage.
    I would use more since I don't like shifting from keyboard to mouse and back, but since I have a pretty decent touchpad on my laptop I still do a lot of leftclicking and edge scrolling

  • You're right. Uh, I momentarily mixed up Vivaldi with that other browser.

  • Moderator

    It's the keys 1 and 2 concatenated as one to mean multiple choice. Just like "he/she". Rather than writing "Ctrl + 1 & Ctrl + 2" you write "Ctrl + 1/2". It's a normal writing style in multiple languages.

  • Too true (re:they kept changing them).
    I'm a big fan of keyboard shortcuts and have been using Opera since about version 3. I got too used to some shortcuts and then they'd change (attempt to be more standard I think). Now I'm still using Opera 12 which hasn't changed in donkeys years so I've come accustom to Opera 12 default shortcuts. Makes it very difficult to use Vivaldi. What I miss the most is ctrl-left-click on a tab to close it.
    Still, early days right?

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    It's great to search an open tab. If you have more than 40 tabs it gets a hell to find any. F2, type title and you find it in a second.


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