Snapshot 1.5.604.4 - Fix for HTML5 audio and video on Windows

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today we start work on version 1.5, with a fix for HTML5 Audio and Video and a bunch more improvements.

    See the full blog post here

  • Vivaldi Translator

    It was asked internally : Why do you disable your GPU acceleration ? (not just a question for you, but if anyone has a different reason, we would love to hear them 🙂 )

  • A while ago running vivaldi with gpu acceleration off made the browser snappier and improved performance in general (weirdly enough). I will have to do some tests on the couple of systems I have and get back to you whether this is still the case.

  • Already loving the fix for VB-11419!

  • Hey guys keep up the great work!
    If you could finally please fix VB-14756 (some downloads never prompt for a save folder) that would be stellar. I need it to finally be able to make Vivaldi my main browser.

  • Can we expect an option to 'Clear all browsing data' on exiting Vivaldi browser in 1.5 ?

  • As Kanay says, a lot of sites run better with it disabled. I would say it makes sense for simple sites.
    But as soon as you have "advanced" sites that uses animations, a lot of on-top elements and such, GPU acceleration becomes better.

    Running without GPU acceleration, but with the possibility of enabling it as a site preference, would be nice.

  • What we need now is to just Drag & Drop function from other browsers for tabs.

  • thanks for the update, the fix works for me, html5 audio and videos now can be played normally again (without hardware acceleration)

  • The guides are opening up faster! 😃
    But here is a problem, when you open a new tab, first shows the color theme and then revealing the background image.

    Windows 10 - x64

  • Thanks for new interface the Ctrl + Shift + Delete 😃

  • This might be somewhat unrelated but anyway… I recently started using Vivaldi as my default browser, but I encountered an error when trying to play YouTube videos (HTML5). Every video would just give me a black screen with an error code. I could refresh the page at which point it would give me the error message again and then automatically switch to the old player (Flash?). I dug a bit into the issue and it turns out that the problem is inhereted from Chrome where having a laptop with AMD switchable graphics would typically give this type of error. I run one monitor on my R9 280x and one the integrated graphics (i5 2500k - HD3000), which meant this error applies to me as well. The solution provided by several people was to turn off GPU acceleration or override the GPU blacklist in chrome://flags. I did the latter, and the error disappeared. I don't know if disabling the blacklist is a bad idea though. Any thoughts?

  • Didn't now about the split view until i saw the last post, this made me set Vivaldi as my default browser.

    There are still some things that don't work to my liking:
    1. Opening a folder in the bookmarks bar and then moving cursor over others doesn't open them.
    2. Middle clicking link inside folder on the bookmarks bar closes the folder, making it difficult to open more then one link from inside a folder on the bookmarks bar.
    3. This might be just me but when i open a new tab (plus button) i feel like there is a slight delay compared to opera/chrome/firefox.
    4. The developers tools window, being a separated window makes it difficult to use.
    5. The zoom on speed dial items makes them blurry, maybe replace the zoom with a glowing border.

    This are my pain points with Vivaldi.

  • Moderator

    Nice, but I've also noticed a few issues…

    The new Clear Private Data UI does not retain any of my previous selections/preferences; it goes right back to "Delete Data for: Past Hour" and all of the checkboxes are cleared.

    The History in the URL bar dropdown is (still) not cleared.

    Request for Enhancement: Would it be possible to list the number of items that would be cleared for the selected time period? The code to do it is there but the number of items is only displayed after I select the item.

    And some questions:

    • What's the difference between clearing "File Systems" and clearing "Local Storage"?
    • What indices/databases get deleted when clearing "Index DB" and "Web SQL"?
    • Are you planning to make the Clear Private Data controls more granular in the future?

    Also, FYI, the "Clear Browsing Data…" button on "Start Page / History" still launches the old Chromium UI, which also happens to have a few options that don't seem to be in the new Vivaldi UI.


  • Thanks for fixing (VB-14612)

    Also after pressing 'Logout' from LastPass extension the color of extension remains as Red.
    Normally after pressing logout, color of LastPass extension would immediately change from Red to Black

    Please fix below mentioned issue related to LastPass
    Some Settings not saved in 'Preferences' in LastPass extension (VB-20754)

    Also please fix Click&Clean extension issue (VB-20369)

  • "[Regression] URLs with spaces lead to search (VB-16893)"

    Huh? Personally, if I type " foo bar" into the URL bar, I expect to be taken to a search for those three search terms. That's the way it's been in browsers ever since they started accepting searches in the address bar. If I meant to go to a URL, it would be " foo bar". (Of course, this is just for text typed into the addressbar. Hyperlink HREFs should always be interpreted as literal addresses.)

  • +1000 to #2

  • Regarding #5: For the speed dial zoom, they could take (at the time the speed dial image is captured) two screenshots – one (as is already done) with the page scaled to the resting speed dial size, and one scaled to the hover size. That way, it would be blurry during the split-second CSS Transition, but that wouldn't really be noticeable because once it's enlarged, it would show the equally sharp, slightly higher dimension screenshot.

  • Are we gonna ever get google search suggestions? I get it that there is probably some sponsorship from Bing … But come on guys, this is basic feature and we are at v1.5.

  • HTML5 player also not working on OS X 10.11.5 (Running on iMac 27" Late 2009). Same issue encountered as described in the article.


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