Vivaldi 1.4 is released with more control! Schedule, Restore and get more flexibility!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Back in August, we released Vivaldi browser 1.3 with theme support and received lots of great feedback. Thank you! In less than a month, we are back with yet another release with some new features as well as many improvements.

    Most of us spend significant amount of time every day on the web so we believe you deserve the best possible experience for YOU. Vivaldi is all about personalisation and customisation so that you can make your web browser just the way you like it to be. We feel that this release is getting us a step closer to achieving that vision.


    See the full blog post here

  • Congratulations !!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Nice work! Thanks

  • Getting "installer failed to uncompress archive". Tried redownloading twice. Same error.

  • Yay, new release! Nice! =)

    And you also seem to have fixed the numpad sending zoom commands when it shouldn't. Great!

    The thing with the new tab mouse gesture still exists, though.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Which operating system is this?

  • Win 7 x64

  • Thanks for this great update!

    However in openSUSE Leap 42.1 the automatic update removed the binary from, or didn't copy the updated binary to /usr/bin (although the update didn't return any error). I couldn't start Vivaldi afterwards.
    I downloaded the rpm from the blog and reinstalled it. Luckily the profile wasn't affected and now everything works.

    Since this problem also occurred once on a 1.4.x snapshot I thought this might be some installer error?

  • Strange - worked for me with auto-update.

  • Awesome!
    Some features I would love to see come to light:

    • Tab animations.
    • Vivaldi's own font rendering.
    • Vivaldi's own smooth scrolling.
    • Improved search bar options. I want my search text to be erased from the search bar immediately after entering the search, so I don't have to leave it there and delete it myself. I also want the option to open searches in the search bar in a new tab.
    • Vertical list tab cycler. I want one that looks and functions exactly like O12's did. I want my custom shortcuts that cycles through tabs to trigger the tab cycler, and if it's vertical, it'll be an easy list to navigate. It just makes sense.
    • History panel/History page. It'll help make Vivaldi more complete, and I think it's about time to have one.
    • A setting that will make all rounded corners absolute. I want 4px to make all corners in the browser 4px.
    • Ability to clear cache on exit.
    • Performance/CPU/RAM improvements.

    Anyway, as usual, loving Vivaldi so far!

  • Great work guys ! Keep going like this and surprise us with new features such as theme change scheduling :D

  • Nice to see an upgrade to Chromium 53 in Stable.
    It is, after all, a stable isotope of Chromium.

  • Please in the next update to the option for an image in favorite Speed Dial. :D
    Sorry for my English. :)

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, cgebhard, we are investigating the issue, thanks for the report :)

  • Still missing "validate" function. Please …

  • Sorry but it's too early for 1.4. You are too fast with this numbers.
    What about this whole topic ?!
    How do you decide to release new stable?

  • It is bound to Chromium version they using, IIRC.

  • Pinch to zoom is working on Mac?

  • This is stable, why the logo is black?

  • only getting really slow download speeds and at the end the Mac Installer doesn't work (dmg broken)

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