Snapshot 1.4.589.4 - Vivaldi 1.4RC 2

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    The next Vivaldi version is almost ready, loaded with important fixes and a couple of new features.

    Headlining features of 1.4 are Theme scheduling, Web Panel improvements and the ability to restore closed tabs by middle-clicking on Trash.

    Please help us get 1.4 ready for launch by taking this release candidate for a spin!

    See the full blog post here

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    Another snapshot!

  • Nice!!

  • Moderator

    Only a small repair, is still in poor settings in the Themes section.
    I currently set display settings in a tab, but I'm seeing it as a settings in window. See picture below:

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    Is the missing Widevine CDM a platform specific issue? I purged my profile over the weekend and I currently have the Widevine plugin (v. on my system. Netflix works great as well. I'm a Mac user.

    Also, so far, I haven't run into any new issues with this snapshot, and the bugs that you said got fixed got fixed.


  • Mentioned this with the last snapshot and got thumbed down, go figure. Anyway, I agree, it's a waste of space for larger displays and this started with the 1.4 branch.

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    The flickering when opening/closing the panels is a bit distracting. It would be nice if that could be polished before 1.4 final.

    I have panels on the right, but it's just as bad if they're on the left.

    The show/hide panel toolbar button on the Status Bar also causes the same flickering when no panels are open.

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    That might not be addressed overnight. It may seem trivial, but it appears the code is a bit more fraught than it seems. It's being worked on.

  • I'd like to contribute to make this browser better:
    1. Search box (on the right) only saves text to search in the current tab
    2. Speaker icon on the left of the tab should be on the right (option?) to see what website is that. Maybe animated icon when sound is playing?
    3. Pinned tabs are hibernated at the start….
    4. When I'm typing URL it shows the website/some_sub_site and you can't remove that. It should show the base URL first.
    5. Maybe some kind of animation to show the user that the thumbnail's being updated.
    6. Why can't we just drag and drop a tab to another monitor without reloading whole website like it is in Firefox for example?

  • My sites don't retain their zoom, and this wasn't an issue in 1.3. Would this be able to be fixed before the Stable release?

  • can you please fix the following bug (regression) on this site :
    When I chose a file (choisisez un fichier) to be uploaded.
    and then press send (envoyer) it does not work.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for the report, will investigate :)

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  • thx!

    • doesn't remember site specific zoom level since RC1
    • VB-20673 (opens mp3s etc. as text)

    debian jessie x64, E21

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    Default was since changed to using zoom per tab instead of per page. Do you still have that issue when you switch it back in settings?

  • Yay! A new snapshot, the update window wasn't hiding itself and the send button has returned here, allowing me to post!

    Do Tuesday's get any better than this? :lol:

  • It's rather annoying that widevine is still missing.

    Also, I seem to be getting some delay between clicking the new tab button and the speed dial opening. I'm not sure if this is a regression between the last build, but it seems noticeable now.

  • Oh! You need to untick "Use tab zoom" in settings, my bad :oops:
    but zooming with +,- or ctrl +, ctrl - still doesn't work :(

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