Snapshot 1.3.551.37 - 1.3 stable, minor update RC1

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today's snapshot is a test version of a small update for our 1.3 stable, to address some serious bugs that you have been reporting. If no (new) regressions are found we will rebuild it for the stable update channel and pass it on to our stable users shortly.

    Note: This build is version 1.3.551.37, the stable update will be 1.3.551.38. They are effectively the same build but pull updates from different channels (snapshot and stable respectively).

    See the full blog post here

  • First :lol:

  • Vivaldi Team

    careful or I shall start doing it on the Turkish blog! ;)

  • Mouse Gestures open links from closed tabs (VB-17519)

    Nice. This happened to me a lot, but I did not know how to explain it in words or what exactly was happening.

  • Unfortunately, the bug is still present. Easiest to discover when you close a website full of large links (such as one wih a lot of Flash games).

    Win 7 x64

  • Can confirm it happens on also.

    More Specifically:
    Take the DR/close gesture. if you end the gesture on a link, let go, the tab closes.
    But if you then use the D/open gesture immediately, you will re-open whatever link you finished the previous gesture on.

  • Thanks for the update! Just want you to know of a bug I've encountered. The cursor on screen when entering full screen video player doesn't disappear. Tried on Youtube, dailymotion and Twitch. Please fix it. Don't forget to take break!

  • Moderator

    A long-standing known issue. For now, move the cursor to the right of the screen.

  • I set rounded corners, which does not work on the tab-corners, as in the snapshots before the release. Is it a known issue?

  • Once again, thank you for the work on the best browser in the world. It's amazing to see just how much has gone into this project from not even a year ago. It's shaped up quite nicely. Just wondering, where does one go to submit bugs and requests for features? I don't browse the forums, just here on the blogs. Thank you.


  • Vivaldi Translator

    Search a bit in the forums first to be sure it's not already filled, but you always can use it's here to log all your bugs :)

  • Congrats on another successful release! Since we started the path for 1.4 I'm going to be publishing my most wanted features.

    My Vivaldi Wishlist

    • Performance Optimization: Regardless of features, I think performance and RAM usage is the major issue of Vivaldi right now. I have to close Vivaldi everytime I play a heavy game. I don't have to do it with Edge.
    • Allow dragging a link from another window to a new tab: Currently it replaces the content of the active tab, which is super annoying.
    • Option to force open all links in a new window: This is very useful for specific configurations.
    • Profiles: I need to work with several profiles, each one with its own extensions and cookies. This isn't a major issue since I could technically use a Standalone Vivaldi for each Profile, but it's a big hassle to setup each one.
    • Native Windows 10 Notifications: Currently Vivaldi uses Chrome notifications and they appear on top of my tabs.
    • Edit Speed Dial URLs with an "Edit" Context Menu option: Currently we have to use the Bookmarks Menu to do that. I don't ever use the Bookmarks menu.
    • Allow Reordering of Speed Dial Tabs
    • Allow easy and natural customization of Speed Dial thumbnails
    • M3: Let us set up the feeds refresh interval to at least 5 or 15 minutes

  • VB-19154 ?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I quite like your list. I don't think here is the best place for it, but anyway.
    I can tell you that some items on your list will come sooner than you expect…
    Beyond that, I hope a lot of work will be done on performances too, but I'm afraid that most of the issues (not all of them) are on the Chromium side, where not a lot can be done :/

    Also about the speed dials, reordering them is possible by drag and drop. Or I didn't understood what you meant.

  • "Mouse Gestures open links from closed tabs (VB-17519)"

    This is huge! If this is indeed fixed I'll be very happy.

    By the way can we get some more insight into this bug, if possible? The reason I'm asking is because this used to happen (even last time I checked) with Opera as well. I am just wondering whether this was a Chromium related bug.

  • He's talking about the tabs on top, not the tiles.

  • Sad to hear. Was hoping this elusive bug would finally be fixed. :/

  • I have the same gripe with the tabs rounding, and the SD thumbnail rounding. They're not nearly as rounded as they were in the first snapshot of 1.3, and I sense that the rounding is not entirely accurate in those 2 areas. When I round all the way to maximum, SD thumbnails don't change at all, and tabs are less rounded than they used to be or should be.

  • Completely agree with your post and adding some of my own annoyances:

    1. Speeddial - absolutely everything about it - no option to customize it (whole site/only logo and don't tell me to zoom in please), no more than 6 columns?!. It should be like dimesions defined by user….etc.
    2. Adding bookmark through “Add to bookmars” icon on the right side of adressbar shows bookmark folders not in alphabetical order. (it should be the same ordering as set in sidebar)
    3. Password management only available on chrome setting page not via vivaldi ui
    4. Overall ui performance CPU/RAM. This is the only browser unusable on older machines and pretty demanding even on new ones to be “only” a browser.....

    • some annoying JW player error on Win 7 (older machine) and Win 10 on (new one).
      Type error: Cannot read property ’buffered‘ of undefined

    Huge thanks and congrats to our beloved team for another important milestone. Wish you only the best in the future. I'm eagerly awaiting each update like on old Opera presto days.

  • I found out cursor disappears when you wait until it should disappear and then move cursor 1px. It's quite easy to do on my old Thinkpad with trackpoint, but I wasn't able to do that short move with mouse.

    Oh, and cursor disappears when changing volume with multimedia keys. At least on my desktop with Microsoft keyboard.

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