One week with custom Vivaldi themes

  • The latest version of Vivaldi escalated customizations to another level. The new theme engine in 1.3 certainly gives you another reason to say "I browse the way I want to"

    See the full blog post here

  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to fine-tune! I love the dark theme!

    I lowered the Address bar downwards! This type requires a habit, but now I really like it!

    Vivaldi browser for the Soul! For creative people!

  • Vivaldi crashed and I lost about 30 tabs. Saved session info was also gone. In the past, since all the tabs would be loaded when Vivaldi started, going back to the starting time would allow me open each tab one by one. It did not work this time. So my question is: how can I make Vivaldi load all tabs at startup so that if session is lost; I can recover tabs from history? Thank you!

  • Please ask your question in the forums:

    AFAIK the only way is to use Save Session from the file menu to backup your set of tabs.

  • Regarding LinuxtarianSocialist's screenshot. He has the tabs on the bottom. Its interesting to have them down, but it only takes away the screen height by the height of the caption title bar (tab bar). When your laptop is 1366x768, its somewhat a problem–the reading, working area becomes shorter. The caption title bar is still visible on top and slightly thicker than the tabs.

    When the tabs are on top, you can enable "Remove tab spacing in maximized windows" and the caption title bar goes away or goes under the tabs. But, when the tabs bar is moved to bottom, and enabling "Remove tab spacing in maximized windows" would only reduces the height of the moved down tab bar, but nothing happens to the captio title bar left on the top. So, we have double space lost.

    Could it be possible to move the tabs together with caption title bar to the bottom, leaving only the search bar on the top?

  • While UI theming is great thing, most of the screen space is occupied by the web page itself. I am really like to go dark colors, but websites are almost always are bright-white. It whould be realy awesome to have easy to use tool to recolor pages in colors suited selected theme. Is it possible?

  • I imagine they can add another entry in Page actions icon to recolor the page to the current theme

  • You should use an extension for that. A browser should never alter the base design of a site (yes, that's including ads).

  • Thanks for your pretty useless reply.

  • Did I say that this should be default behavior? No! But there is already some weird stuff in the "Page actions", so why not to put something useful in there.

    Also I wouldn't mind to have that feature in a extension form, but i'm not sure that vivaldi exposes its internal css to extensions.

    A browser should never alter the base design of a site
    And yes this is the utopian BS. Every browser alters website's design intentionally or not.

  • I have found another browser that does it. Put the web page background colour to e6f9ff. Easy on my eyes. Maybe the devs would think about this.

    A problem other than themes. I don't ask the web pages to remember my login, but I'd expect the browser to forget about logged on state, after I put the browser off, even if I don't log off before putting it off.

    After putting the browser off and starting it again later, Vivaldi has me logged in those web pages. Even, if I put those pages off, Vivaldi would still remember the logged on status after starting those pages again, even after the browser is restarted. As the computer is on while I am away, anyone starting Vivaldi could automatically logged in as me in those web pages. Pretty dangerous situation.

  • It is a very useful reply. The forum is the right place to get more detailed help. If you search the forums you will also find previous threads on this issue.

    This blog post is about themes and your question has nothing to do with themes.

  • Moderator

    If you leave your device without a password lock, you're in a dangerous situation no matter the login state. That said, just set Vivaldi to discard cookies when closed. (Privacy -> Cookies -> Session only)

  • Several things people like you do not seem to understand is: I am pointing to an important issue that if repeated several times will make Vivaldi useless: Vivaldi did not only fail to recover tabs; but it also failed to load a previously saved session as well. This is something important that developers might want to address earlier than later. And I should not need to search for forums to find an answer to a feature which should have an easily accessible switch in the settings or flags page. I am sure you will be a happier person by customising and enjoying your themes without wasting my time with useless comments.

  • The safety measure is understood, thanks. Regarding cookies, I need some always, as they are needed for my work, so cannot use cookies, session only. Anyway, this appears to be a problem in all browsers, except Epic, but that cannot be used for work.

    Regarding web page background colour changing ability, I found it in Cent, and that browser can be used for work.

  • Or this with D1F0D7. Would be glad, if the Vivaldi devs agree to add this feature.

  • Moderator

    We're currently evaluating our options here. We might have something for you soon. So stay tuned! 🙂

  • There is a regression on this version.
    The following site does not work properly (the file is not sent after clicking "Envoyer")

  • When you launch Vivaldi for the first time after a crash, look at the contents of the Trash Bin. It often includes the set of tabs you had before the crash. The set takes a form of . . . I don't know what to call it . . . a submenu? You click on it and the all tabs are restored at once.

    This is what Pesala taught me in one of the threads she or he must be alluding to.

    I agree with you that it would be nice if Vivaldi automatically saved the current session from time to time in the manner of history, as a precaution against crashes, much as word processors, text editors, etc. automatically take backups from time to time.

    Pesala: Do you know how to search the forum? Its search box is pretty useless. I can't find our thread.

  • @ryofurue:

    When you launch Vivaldi for the first time after a crash, look at the contents of the Trash Bin. It often includes the set of tabs you had before the crash. The set takes a form of . . . I don't know what to call it . . . a submenu? You click on it and the all tabs are restored at once. our thread.

    Thanks, I will keep this in mind. As you say, forum search is useless. I get results in Krill alphabet. (Edit: I just checked it. It would probably have the tabs I closed before the crash -as it is the trash bin. I don't have high hopes for it but will keep in mind)


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