Snapshot 1.3.551.28 - Vivaldi 1.3RC1

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    Today's second snapshot, is the first release candidate for Vivaldi version 1.3.

    Even if no major issues are found, Vivaldi will be rebuilt for the stable update stream before it is released.

    See the full blog post here

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  • Installed this snapshot to Windows 10. It only added another folder to \Vivaldi\Application folder. The installer didn't delete the former 1.3.551.27 folder. Had to manually delete it. Once the final release would be, maybe the installer would delete former folders.

    There is also a real problem of not holding onto the opened web page in a tab that had been unused for a while. When you click on that tab after a while, it reloads itself and most times not where it was left. If you are working with a data base, this would be real problem. This was there in other snapshots too.

    If you have say, the 13th page of the data base is open in that tab, but when you come back, its back on the 1st page, and you might not remember the data base opened page number, then it is a real problem. This doesn't happen in Chrome, Edge or in Firefox.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    That might be because of the auto hibernate thing. It's helpful to keep your usage of memory low, but indeed in some cases, can be hurtful.
    There was a flag to deactivate it a while back, but can't seem able to find it now.

  • I find this a bit annoying too. Auto-hibernate has definitely its pros, but it also has cons and I'd like to be able to disable this feature too…

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Try to deactivate vivaldi://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding πŸ™‚

  • BUGS

    Posting this again because it wasn't fixed. I'm hoping to get some sort of fix here on it, since it wasn't a problem in 1.2 in the UI:

    • On light/subtle theme, I noticed that some UI elements would look dark when they should be light. Go to or something like that, and you'll notice what I mean. You'll notice the address bar's buttons are dark when they should be light, and if you have "accent color on windows" than you'll notice other stuff like non-current tabs text, new tab button, trash icon, are all dark when they should be light.

    • Security logo is still off. It's now covered by the translucent loading bar when a page loads. This one doesn't bug me so much, but the first one bugs me a lot.

    Can anyone let me know if these will be fixed?

  • Also, will corner rounding be fixed like it was in the first snapshot of 1.3? 4px doesn't look like 4px in places like tabs, it looks more like 2-3px. And SD thumbnails don't look rounded at all. It would also be nice to round other things like tab thumbnails, popup boxes, more on Quick Commands, and more.

  • Thanks. Let's see what would happen

  • I have Vivaldi 1.2.490.43 (32-bit) installed

    1. LastPass 4.1.25 extension installed
    After entering Email and Master Password and when I click 'login' nothing happens.
    Only after clicking 'login' button multiple times, login is successful.
    In other Chromium based browsers I do not see this issue. Please fix this issue

    2. Click&Clean 8.9.2 extension installed.
    Nothing happens when 'options' is selected from the extension.

    3. Please add option to delete all browsing data after exiting Vivaldi ?

  • Moderator

    REGRESSION from 1.2:

    No thumbnails in bookmark panel, or in bookmark editor.

  • Regarding the size of the Vivaldi installed files in Windows 10; renamed User Data folder to something else. Started Viavldi 1.3.551.28 as completely new application. A new User Data file was created as soon as I started Viavaldi, and it was about 8MB, then gew as I chose themes etc to ~ 18MB. Opened only this site, logged in and checked. This folder had grown up to 40.7MB already. Now I'm going off Windows. Let's see what it'd do tomorrow with this folder. The last User Data folder I disabled was 350MB. It\d be terrible, if the new User Data folder would grow to that size.

  • Moderator

    I think the word "fixed" depends on your perspective; the Vivaldi designers likely made the changes that they did because they had specific design goals in mind with their initial implementation.

    As a Mac user, one of the things that bugged me about Vivaldi was that some of the UI elements looked wrong and out of place. Although the initial 1.3 snapshot allowed me to tweak the colours so that they better matched the OS X colour palette, I could never get the Corner Rounding to look right. If I selected a border radius that made the URL bar match the system's native widgets, the setting also applied rounding to other elements (like tab favicons and the new tab button) that didn't need to be fixed, making them look distorted.

    From my perspective, the refinements that they made to Themes over the v1.3 development cycle were welcome changes. Vivaldi now looks and feels better on the Mac than Chrome or Firefox.

  • Okay, so I saw what 4px looks like, and it looks better, though the tabs are still very slightly less rounded. Could be my eyes though. SD thumbnails still don't look very rounded at all. Changing your rounding to 14px won't make the SD thumbnails look any different, which is a huge error. I just miss how rounded they used to be. The first snapshot of 1.3 still looked great with the rounding. I would like the SD thumbnails to be fixed, and make sure tabs are also fixed. Maybe if we could also round out individual elements ourselves someday, that would be great too.

  • Hi.

    Today I lost some time at work trying to fix a non-existent bug in the code. πŸ˜‰ As it turned out, the problem occurs only in the Vivaldi. In Firefox and Chrome everything works fine.

    Key word: drag and drop
    Version: 1.2 (stable)
    How does it look: (Vaivalid - top, Chrome - bottom)
    Example website:

    The bug was reported (VB-20319)
    Someone could check the current version.

    I keep my fingers crossed for success 1.3 πŸ™‚

  • Now I am writing from Vivaldi 1.3.551.28 64bit in Linux. I haven't changed the vivaldi-snapshot folder in .config that was created since Vivaldi 1.3.551.13. This folder is just 14.8MB. If I don't change any settings, themes etc, it'd stay that size until the final 1.3 release. Before I'd "install" the final release, I'd change the name of that folder to vivaldi, deleting the snapshot part.

    I'm quite sure that (new) User Data file in the Windows Vivaldi would grow to monstrous size by that time. Maybe, the Vivaldi devs would find a solution for this.

  • There is a problem with video live streams (flash player) on The video is playing normal but the sound plays in slow motion. The live stream stops playing after about a minute.
    Everything runs fine in Google Chrome.

    I hope that problem will be fixed until the final release of Vivaldi 1.3. Thank you. Cheers πŸ˜‰

  • Moderator

    [BUG] - Typed history in adress field and search field
    If I'm on some page and click in the address bar to display the history of the writing open to me the list, click the X at the item you want to delete a list disappears. Then, if you click the space where it should be located History list, so the list will appear. If you then remove items from the history list it is still visible and removed items disappear normally.

    The bug is also in the list of written history in the search bar. If you unpack the search list and I click the X to remove the items, nothing happens, the item remains in the list, and to re- expand the list item that I erased disappeared.

    Win10 x64 Home

  • Vivaldi is trying to open linked mp3s and the like directly and renders ASCII gibberish. It's not a blocker, but really annoying if you have to go back and right click -> save as every time. Might have something to do with the redirect …

    Debian 8 x64, Enlightenment 0.21.1

    you can try it here (click on "DOWNLOAD EPISODE")

  • This happens in Linux too. 64 bit


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