The most customizable browser is now the most colorful: Vivaldi version 1.3 debuts with custom themes, enhanced privacy and much more

  • Vivaldi Team

    We are in the middle of summer here in the northern hemisphere. A lot of people are vacationing, going to the beach, museums, and on adventures. Here at Vivaldi, we are continuing our efforts to make Vivaldi better and here we have Vivaldi 1.3 for you.


    See the full blog post here

  • First! 🙂

  • The UI bugs I listed that weren't a problem in 1.2 but were in 1.3 weren't fixed for the Stable. But other than that, I do like the new release.

  • still waitiing for vivaldi to have right click cascade menus for bookmark bars - sub bookmarks/folders

  • That update went well …. NOT!

    Okay guys, all the shoulder patting aside ... so I managed to turn the UI dark again (thanks for ignoring the "Dark" setting and reverting to "Light") ... but ... HOW (in the 9th circle of IT hell) do I now turn that stoopid "address bar / tabs" coloring off? To where did the setting vanish?

    Other than that, looks like a solid release though I yet have to try the Linux version (Arch Linux package maintainers not only drag a** but the whole corpse).

  • Vivaldi Team

    Themes changed how it works a bit. Check here:
    You need to deactivate "Accent Color from Active Page" when editing a theme.

  • @atlemo Thank you … I just found out that I need to click the "Edit" symbol after selecting "Dark" to get to uncheck "Accent Color from Active Page" to save it as a "Custom Theme" ...

    May I suggest that change for the "Metrocalypse Award"?
    Making the accent coloring theme-specific instead of a global setting is insanely Microsoft-esque (you guys didn't hire a MS Employee or some Gnome-Shell guy or someone from Canonical's Unity UI team lately)?

  • Atle, can you please take a look at my comments in the last 2-3 blogs on the UI problems/bugs that weren't issues in 1.2, but are in 1.3? I haven't had confirmation despite nagging about it for so many blog posts.

  • Congratulations!

  • And now: On to M3!

  • Congratulations on another great release… Thanks for the hard work.

  • Congratulations on your browser Vivaldi! 😎 There are no enabled in your browser to F-Secure bank protection !? :roll: Chrome, Edge, Opera. IE, FF, Opera 12 in these works.

  • The update did not work well, first all my previous dark theme was changed into some, in my opinion ugly looking, bright default theme. But worst of all I cannot get the theme back the way it was and the way I like:
    Goal: Dark theme with everything dark except the active tab (tabs are on right).
    In the theme editor (which is kind of hidden btw) I have unchecked 'accent color from active page' and also unchecked 'apply accent color to window'. However the window is being displayed in the accent color (brightly red), tabs are being displayed as desired dark with only the active tab in accent color. Strangely if I check 'apply accent color to window' the window title bar goes dark, but the whole tab bar lights up bright red in its accent color.

  • Very nice update, loving the work and trying to get my colleagues and friends to use it as well (most of them are Apple people so very hard to convince to use something not made by Apple). In any case, something went a little bit in the wrong direction for my liking. Check this:

    The accent colour NEVER used to be so bright! (I'm talking about the green, red is fine) If there was a too bright colour - it got dialed down. I can't look at these pages any more because it's just too much (and very bright greens are so ugly..). The second thing I noticed is that the tab titles colour is now also brighter. It looks so out of place (the white is now full on white, it used to be a little darker). The last thing is that images used to be centered on a page when looking at the actual source, example: is located in the upper left corner and it's bugging me.

    Again - I still love the work you're all doing. But stop making colour changes 😛

  • Примите Поздравления! Великолепный браузер получается. Версию 1.3 уже смело рекомендую друзьям. Успехов Вам!

  • Moderator

    Personal taste. I for one like those intense colors - even on (That is green!) 😃

  • Moderator

    Being worked on continuously. 😉

  • I really dislike the colour bright green 😛

    It's a bit weird that this was just changed without an option to use the old settings though.

  • Moderator

    Nice, but I think it would be good to us translators informed a little early before the final version. Since I'm personally more of the issued last snapshot made ​​some changes in the translation. They did not get into the final version. So for all translators of you please timely information about changes and frequent updating of translation resources. If you create any repair version of the current 1.3 version, because of a serious error not forget to update the translation resources. thanks

    BTW: I am full of expectations for the new Snapshot Version 1.4 😛

  • After I update to v1.3 all my speeddial pages and all the speeddial thumb nail disapeared.
    Is there a workaround to get them back ?


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