Prepare yourself for the Olympics with Vivaldi browser

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    Rio 2016 will be the most live Olympics EVER. You'll have streams, social media and constant news updates. Luckily, Vivaldi is the perfect browser to keep up with what is happening. Here are 4 ways to stay in the loop:

    See the full blog post here

  • 2 things which make it difficult to use webpanels:

    1. The lack of zoom

    2. There is no option for a popup (fade..) appearance of side panel. I don't like that when you open the side panel layout and content of the website starts to break down. That is, there must be an option - slide or fade/popup the panel!


  • Moderator

    The US Sites coverage are not available in the UK.

    This BBC page does not seem to work in a web panel.

  • Damn… I really forgot about Sessions... I hope they get more accessibility and visibility (and I get better memory to remember I can use them in Vivaldi !)...

    I used them a LOT back in Opera 12.x... can I open them in a new window without interfering with the current session ?

  • Moderator

    Simply open the new window first, then the saved session.

  • I know people like their Olypmics games and stuff but this is how I'll be passing the time thanks to Vivaldi:

    The International 2016

  • Considering dota on twitch, as i watch it these days, and i must say, i have to use maxhton instead of vivaldi, stream in vivaldi starts fine, then for no reason starts to lag, stutters, i have to erase history, or just sometimes switch tab, or open new one, and returning to twitch tab its sometimes same, and sometimes it returns to normal.
    I dont have that problem in maxthon.

    Vivaldi is 10 times better, but twitch streams, just not working fine here for me.

  • I had used Opera a long time ago. Found Vivaldi few days ago and enjoying it. As I couldn't compare Opera to Vivaldi (latest snapshot), downloaded Opera and installed it my way (self-contained app). The links given on Olympic in this blog above opened faster in Opera than in Vivaldi. (None of these web sites are any useful in Europe, anyway.) I am actually using both Opera 39 and Vivaldi latest snapshot side by side. Looks like still some work has to be done for Vivaldi to work faster than Opera. Looking forward to it.:)

  • on panel from below adress bar, where bookmarks history - PLEASE add button "downloads" and "extensions"

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