Snapshot 1.3.551.17 - Further bugfixing

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today's snapshot is another round of bug fixes, as we stabilize the browser for the big 1.3 stable release.

    Like last time, we request that you please keep the discussion on things that have broken since 1.2 stable. If you want to discuss new features or long standing issues to be addressed after 1.3, please use our forums. Thanks again!

    See the full blog post here

  • First! Downloading…

  • Thx for the newest Snapshot. Works great for me.

  • Downloaded and installed. Thanks!

  • First Reply To Comment! I'm so cool.

  • Okay, some things that weren't problems in 1.2, but are still issues in 1.3 with the UI . . .

    • The text color, and color of non-current tab's text, new tab button, trash icon, and audio icon on some sites, such as Spotify,, DeviantArt, Start Page, and a bunch of others, are all dark when they should be white. This is how it's appearing on me with "accent color on window", which is the same thing as background color tab in 1.2. This wasn't an issue in 1.2 at all, but is an issue here.

    • When I'm listening to music on another tab, the audio icon should be white just like the tab text for non-current tabs. Sometimes it is, but then I'll go back to that tab, and it'll stay white when it should be dark. I'll have the Start Page, the SD page, with a light grey background (accent color #CCCCCC), and it should be dark when it's on another tab, but sometimes it's light, which doesn't contrast well. I'll have to click on that tab with audio, then go back to the SD page to make the color correct itself. This wasn't an issue in 1.2 with tab color background.

    • The loading bar shows up translucent with the security logo of the website that's loading. Before, the loading bar used to just show up behind the security logo. Now, since it's covering it translucently, it looks weird.

    • I know this isn't an 1.2 issue, but I would like to remind you that the rounding is still not fixed. I missed how accurate it was in the first snapshot of 1.3, and I would like it back. SD thumbnails aren't even rounded anymore. Tabs don't look as rounded as they used to. 4px rounding looks more like 2px on tabs.

    • On a non-UI note, Hibernate Tabs is STILL not working properly. Right now, I have 2 active tabs, this one and Spotify, and "hibernate tab" and "hibernate background tabs" is still unavailable for me. It was available the first try when I did hibernate a bunch of tabs, but disappeared after the first 1-2 times. This was never an issue with 1.2, and wasn't in issue until that snapshot where you fixed it for Linux. I'm on W10 here.

    Those are what I see that are problems with 1.3 that weren't issues at all in 1.2. I had Tab Background Color on 1.2, which looked amazing, but it's unpolished in 1.3. You guys introduced theming, which I loved, but it's not as polished looking as 1.2 was, at least with accent colors on windows. I think that should be fixed before the finished product releases.

  • alt-enter in address bar is still broken.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    It's indeed a regression from 1.2.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Hello guys, these regressions are still present:
    VB-19729 - Enter key does not work in window editing of the bookmarks;

    VB-19727 - The bookmark link is displayed in the bottom bar.

    Thank you.

  • I still hope VB-4297 (mouse does not hide on full screen videos) will be fixed someday..

  • Why there is a few second delay between opening new page and its actually loading?

  • I hope so too. That's been one of my biggest pet peeves when watching videos in Vivaldi. If they could just fix that, it'd be as good of a video-watching experience as other browsers.

  • Moderator

    Uhm… there isn't one? What sort of system are you using? How good is your connection?

  • Here is an example of a website where non-current tab text, new tab button, trash icon, etc. are all dark when they should be light if you have "accent color on window" turned on:

    I'm hoping this could be fixed to be like it was in 1.2 with background color tabs.

  • Win7x64 and 20Mb/s connection. That happens only with Vivaldi. It gives me blank page/tab and then loads a couple seconds later.

  • Moderator

    URL? I have not seen this symptom. I'm on Win 10 X64, using 32- bit vivaldi, on an 8MB connection.

  • vivaldi://settings/themes/
    Try plaing with "Contrast Adjustment"

  • It's a delay between opening new page and progress indicator appearing.

  • With much regret I have to say that the dreaded "Top Sites" bug is still happening. No idea what VB number was but I mentioned it before as "Top Sites file in Profile permanently writes to disk even after closing Vivaldi".

    This is related to Speed Dial and while there has been some fixes, it still happens, and everytime it happens I need to manually go to my Vivaldi Profile and delete the Top Sites file and journal.

    Hope you can get a permanent fix for it soon, this issue is happening since before 1.0 and it's the only major bug present in Vivaldi right now (that might alienate new users).

  • That does handle it, but I don't want to depend on that. In 1.2, I didn't need to go away from accurate color themes, because all the stuff I listed was light when it needed to be. I also don't like the contrast on the address bar. I just want it fixed so the colors are as they used to be. But thanks for showing me that setting.


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