Tiago from Rio de Janeiro and his Vivaldi FC team

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    _We continue our look into how Vivaldi is being used by people in various parts of the world. We like to share user profiles at Vivaldi, not only because we are interested in everyone’s success, but also because we ourselves learn a lot about how folks interact with Vivaldi, and how we can make it better based on the advice of our friends. _

    In this interview, we talk with Tiago, who joins us from Brazil. We’ll let Tiago tell you his story in his own words here, and look forward to hearing from you about your experiences with Vivaldi too.

    You can find Tiago on vivaldi.net under ozoratsubasa, he’s happy to help you answering questions you may have in Spanish or English on vivaldi.net/forums mostly about Vivaldi Browser on Windows.

    See the full blog post here

  • I can not use on a daily basis because Vivaldi :

    On the bookmarks bar , (horizontal , under the address bar ) do not work :

    • Inside the folder, you can not move tabs , including the sub folders.
    • Inside the folder, you can not create another folder .
      -Inside the folder, you can not change bookmark properties (by right-clicking ) .
    • You can not moving a bookmark folder to a higher level .

    All this applies to the horizontal personal bookmark bar . horizontal strip located below the address bar .

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    I can not use on a daily basis because:

    This does not belong in this blog. Most have it has already been requested in the Feature Requests thread. Please read that before adding it again.

    Ideally, blog posts should only be about the current blog topic.

  • В первой строке написано:

    We continue our look into how Vivaldi is being used by people in various parts of the world.

    I, too, the people , but I can not use Vivaldi , because one of the main functions , developers can not finish more than a year .

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    You have reported that same set of issues at least five times. So have perhaps a hundred other people. It is KNOWN by the developers. It is a case of unfinished code, and they will get to it when they can. Continuing to report it, especially on a promotional rather than a version number blog post, is not going to get it fixed any faster. What it is going to do is get people sufficiently tired of hearing the same thing from you that they begin to ignore any comment below your username.

  • Tiago, I want to congratulate you for the content that you gave rise. Vivaldi is a valuable project and needs the involvement of the majority of users in order to attract a growing number of dedicated users.
    Personally, I am far from being an advanced user and away from an user who can contribute technologically, but I am among those who admire and have already acquired a burning passion for the browser.
    You are one of the two former users of Opera / My Opera that influenced me choose Vivaldi instead of other browsers, when the Chinese case decreed the end of my love relationship with it.
    And Vivaldi has been the unexpected consolation I did not expect to find, after the loss. And far beyond consolation, it is a wonder and why my opinion about Chinese buyers has changed. Initial misfortune they have become a blessing, because if it were not for their initiative, I would hardly have knowledge about the browser and become a privileged user of it.

  • Parabéns pelo tema, Tiago! Ficou muito bom!

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    Obrigado @Quinca71 e @Dyecks 🙂


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