Snapshot 1.3.537.5 - Improved proprietary media support on Linux

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    In Today's snapshot we address some of the problems you raised in the last snapshot, including fixing the private window crash on Mac, selection of the custom background image and the broken proprietary media on Linux. We also made the Linux proprietary media system more robust on Ubuntu and added additional support for OpenSUSE and Slackware users.

    See the full blog post here

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  • Thank you guys!
    I have a bug list and a features list that I would like them to be added when possible.

    Bug list:
    1 - Added search engines have blank favicon (VB-16186).

    2 - Facebook videos buffering is very slow (VB-17751).
    Comparison between Vivaldi, Opera and Firefox:

    3 - The progress bar is not properly working (VB-17752).
    It is not working after opening a link on Speed Dial (it has already fixed) and when returning to a tab that is loading a page.

    4 - The tab's thumbnails only capture the first screen. They should be updated at each changing tab or every time you hover over the tab.

    5 - Many extensions to download specific types of files are not working, as Video DownloadHelper, Batch Fatkun, Image Downloader, FBDown Video Downloader etc. They can not find or save the files.

    Desired features list:
    6 - Add an option to make Panel overlap a page instead of shifting it.
    7 - Add any possibility of selecting the image preview page and a thumbnail based in text to Speed Dial.
    8 - Add download speed when downloading files. And likewise also some form of signaling the download is complete.
    9 - Add a feature to arrange the extensions icons, as it is in Chrome, dragging the icon to either side.

    Sorry about my English and if it was not clear.

  • Not really a bug per-se but one small thing I've been noticing is that if you have "Click Active Tab to Switch to Previous tab" active and the option "Close Tab on Double Click" double clicking a tab causes a weird flickering as if Vivaldi is quickly switching tabs before closing.

  • Two small request regarding gestures:
    1 - Would it be possible to allow an arbitrary number of gestures for a certain command? Currently once a gesture is defined for a command it becomes unavailable from the "Pick a Command" list for further assignement

    2 - Since we already have scroll gestures add "Scroll left", "Scroll left-most" and "Scroll-Right" and "Scroll-Right-most"

    Anyway, thanks for this wonderful browser, getting better and better!

  • Ubuntu 16.04 x64 and h264 still not working.

    Vivaldi looking for ffmpeg in chromium/libs and in my case path to chromium-ffmpeg is in chromium/.

    When I change in ./vivaldi line from FFMPEG_LD_LIBRARY_PATH=":/usr/lib/chromium-browser/libs" to FFMPEG_LD_LIBRARY_PATH=":/usr/lib/chromium-browser/". Now h264 start working fine.

    I use chromium 53 dev from ppa with hardware acceleration and with this is bundle chromium-codecs-ffmpeg53, but look like libs is stored in other dir.
    Can you fix this by adding finding this library also in other dirs?

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    Sorry for the trouble and thanks for letting us know about it, we'll look into it. Thank you for being patient with us. 🙂

  • Snapshot already? I was expecting to for it to be a while before the next one.

    Anyway, here are some UI Bugs I posted in the last blog:

    • Corner rounding isn't as rounded as it was in the first snapshot it appeared in. This mostly applies to corner rounding on tabs, which look less rounded in general.
    • Speed Dial thumbnails are now far less rounded than they were before. That's irritating, as I loved the way they were before. Rounding them to 14px doesn't do anything.
    • Close tab button is now more squared off with corner rounding.
    • The address bar, in fact everything, also looks less rounded than in previous snapshots with corner rounding. Now, the security logo in the address bar looks more rounded than the address bar itself, which looks odd.
    • Websites that have a bright-colored theme, make non-current tab's text black, when it used to be that only the current tab text is black, and the other tab text is white. This is inconsistent now, and should go back to how it was before. (ex. go to or something, look at how the text color on non-current tabs looks compared to, say,
    • SD thumbnail disappeared with this update. I think you guys probably changed it, but it didn't go through.
    • Security logo/title on address bar is now covered by the loading bar when a page starts loading. Before, the loading bar just appeared behind it, as it should be.

  • Your gifs are amazing man. How do you capture screen and turn into those gifs?

  • Are you able to play DRM content with chromium-codecs-ffmpeg53 ?

  • still failing to implement most crucial feature - drag to create a new window? pretty pathetic guys..

  • Vivaldi Translator

    If you are not happy, you can build your own browser from scratch, and include this function, and then distribute it for free.
    Or you can be patient, understand that it's a small team, that the work is always in progress, that there are lots of technologicals complexities to build such softwares, and stop insulting people.
    Your choice.

  • Qual é aquele vídeo sobre a cor que o espaço sideral costumava ter? Fiquei curioso para assistir.

  • and what about small teams??? I know a music player built from scratch with an awesome interface, the necessary features and that in my eyes is even better than Groove Music (dev by MS/windows 10). well, this music player was developed by only 1 guy, being engineer as a day job. this guy in 6 months and working 2 hours a day made an awesome music player, and he was updating it each 10-15 days with more and more features, requested by general population. I know a browser is a lot more complicated, but my point is that the size of the team means nothing. when your product is good, and the team is well coordinated and organized, things go a lot faster. I am not saying the devs of Vivaldi are lazy or something like that, I am saying that drag to create a new window is usually one of the first things to be created on a browser.

  • I detected some sort of bug regarding to today I was going to watch the pros playing one of the games I play and noticed that after this update I could not see the stream through twitch anymore. here is the link:
    although, youtube is working fine on that link, only twitch fails, leaving a black screen on the place where should be playing the video.

  • … is it really too complicated to right click on the tab and select Move Tab to -> New window while you wait for drag&drop? (yes, I know it may take almost half a second to do it)

  • Can anyone tell me how stable snapshots are? Are they significantly different (performance-wise) than the regular updates? I want to test the snapshots, but I don't want it to affect my workflow too much. The occasional crash–I can tolerate!

  • I've only ever used the snapshots (Win 7 64, running Vivaldi 32), and I can't say that I have encountered any serious issues.

    That said, once or twice over the last year there have been a couple of minor issues with new snapshots - so you may want to hold off downloading them for a couple of hours rather than rushing to be first.

    Conversely, the snapshots implement bug fixes and new features ahead of the stable releases.

    If you are using Windows, then the 32 bit version of Vivaldi is probably still preferable over the 64. I can't speak for either Linux or Mac as I have neither.

  • I don't think this is a Vivaldi bug per se [as I have also had the same problem with the current Opera beta too], so I guess there's no point filing a bug report(?), but I just had a couple of my extensions crash [Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere (a third crashed on Opera, too)].

  • Actually, whilst griping [better out than in], another non-bug that bugs me:

    V | File | New Private Window

    But right-clicking from the Taskbar icon offers you:

    New incognito window

    I appreciate that it is both trivial and doesn't affect performance, so absolutely no need to rush to fix it, but it would look better if both were the same.

    Thank you in advance.


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