Snapshot 1.3.534.3 - Better privacy, more mouse gestures and improved hibernation on Linux

  • Today’s snapshot is a big one with almost 70 fixes and improvements, including a new privacy option for WebRTC, tab hibernation for Linux and more mouse gesture possibilities.

    See the full blog post here

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yeah! Hibernating individual tabs on Linux.

    P.S. First Post!!! 8)

  • Thanks!
    1. When will be new version of History page available?
    2. When will be password manager available from settings window?

  • Alt+D to focus address bar does not work. Any workarounds?

  • You could try going into Settings > Keyboard and making sure that particular shortcut is set. It is listed under 'Page'

  • Are you able to add custom search suggestions now?

  • Lots of fixes and new options. Thanks, especially for fixing VB-18958.

  • Yahoo is on the verge of dying and you are experimenting with it.

  • I'm still hoping that there will a setting to not have background tabs hibernating when starting the browser. :wink:

  • Moderator

    Thanks, many thanks :) great work! :twisted:

  • Yay! New updates! Missed ya!
    Now that we're back on track, here are some minor improvements I've been looking forward to:

    -Centered images as opposed to having them on the left of the screen;
    -Option to 'Open Image/Video in current Tab';
    -More Speed Dials Columns;
    -Option to disable the X button on Speed Dials;
    -Option to use stock images or website icons for Speed Dial thumbnails;
    -Visual clues for changes on background tabs;
    -Tabs, URL bar and Bookmarks bar should each have their own separate color options;

    Experienced issues:
    -At the top UI shrinks in size - need confirmation if this happens in other browsers;

    Windows 10 Pro-64 bits, Vivaldi-64bits.
    The issue listed above also happened on Windows 7x64, Vivaldi 64-bits.

  • The disappearing passwords problem is back again, least for me using win 7 ultimate x64 with latest vivaldi x64 build. One of the most annoying bugs ever. I have all my settings backed up for such case but each time I've copied Bookmark file into Vivaldi user folder it stays ok for a while but then again everything lost in a second. Thx for the build anyway. Waiting is finally over. :)

    Edit: Passwords gets lost each time refresh all tiles on speeddial at once. After restart all passwords are magically back but then a lot of speeddial tiles are missing!? Then I reloaded them and guess what. All passes are gone again.
    Also Vivaldi won't react with one click when opening the program. It doesn't matter if it is shortcut on my desktop or taskbar. No process in task manager only after second click.

  • Thanks for the new snapshot!
    Found an annoying bug: opening a private window crashes the browser (Mac OS X 10.11.4).

  • That would definitely be nice. Not having to go through all opened tabs after startup to 'nudge' them to load would be great.

    And finally bookmark alias export! Many thanks for that one Vivaldi team, rebuilding your profile now should be a lot less of a pain! Many thanks for that and scroll gestures, you guys are great! :D

  • sooo many thx!!!!! finally

  • Cheers. I was looking for it there but must have missed it.

  • You always were, check the comments section of the last snapshot, there are instructions there for configuring a lot of search suggestions

  • Please, U2F keys support!
    Chrome supports this natively.

  • True. A while back did they not change some stuff that basically means all yahoo searches are powered by bing anyway?

  • With the new Olive theme, the trio of default Windows XP colours is complete! :D

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