Student and Teacher Work Together to Install Vivaldi

  • Recently, our friend Mateus, who attends the IES Camilo José Cela school and his teacher Francisco José Quesada González decided to install the Vivaldi browser and see how the class liked it. “It was easy” Mateus’ teacher says “we made a quick and simple install.” But then, Mateus and his teacher quickly realized they had only installed a local copy! Fortunately, they were very quickly able to re-install for all the students in the classroom who would be trying out the new browser.

    See the full blog post here

  • What thrilling a story.

  • Well done! This literary masterpiece should be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize! ))

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    very good. i give computing lessons for low-income community.

  • Sorry, but that's really weak advertisement. Sounds like a story opera would do on their blog. Heavily disappointed and I hope you can hire some better writers with an improved sophisticated vision 🙂

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    The team doesn't write these things. Users do.

  • As Ayespy said, those are written by users.
    If you want to see it as a kind of advertisement I really like it that this isn't in any way like a glossy-magazine but way more "natural / real" -call it what you want- a part from the community introducing itself and sharing their story about their Vivaldi-experience.
    If you want to share your story - maybe give it a try 😉

  • LOL! What a group of cynics. I wrote the piece. It came from an interview with a user and his teacher, and I put the questions and answers into readable form. I personally see the story as human interest - it's not meant to be an advertisement. Rather, a cool and inspirational relationship between a teacher and student and how we all learn from the most simple experiences. To me, there's a great deal of heart here. I'm not sure what you are looking for in these community profile stories - they aren't meant to be advertisement or big news necessarily - but light-hearted and inspirational peek into the "little" things that mean so much. Personally, I'm pretty sick of reading negative, world-shattering news and this story, which was passed along to me to shape into something positive, is a reminder that good things do happen, and that the small acts of kindness really matter. 😃

  • I know! It was a wild ride 😛 - very exciting. Glad I could create a little drama :lol:

  • What, @monty - the news of the world isn't thrilling enough right now? 😛

  • I hope it does too! I could use one of those. 😛

  • Thank you @lamarca - as I'm saying, it's these acts of kindness that we never talk about. We only yell about policy and politics and there always has to be a conflict. I don't know why that is. I like knowing how people help each other. Thank you for all you do! 😃

  • :lol: That's pretty funny considering I used to work for Opera. Good catch @luetage - what kinds of stories from the community would you like to read? Can you tell me more about what you mean by "improved sophisticated vision" (you missed a comma in that sentence btw :P: ) I'm quite serious. This is community. When we build out the developer resources, those will be more tutorial-oriented and deep dive into dev. This is human interest, which I for one find some comfort in. It's like someone bringing hot soup when you're sick, a bit of lightness in a time of pain.

  • To be absolutely clear, the user did the interview and I shaped the story. I always did say I wanted my work to be either LOVED or HATED because "oh, that's nice" means you didn't stir somebody up 😛

  • Helping students is a kindness. Being supportive of each other is a kindness. Tearing each other down is not a kindness.

  • And I'm genuinely sorry if you think I'm complaining. I'm not - I'm just letting folks know that I wrote the story from an interview I was given and it was a task. I fulfilled the task. There was confusion as to the origin of the story, so I piped up. There is negativity surrounding what is fundamentally a sweet message - and you're all absolutely right if you think the story is useless to say so. If you want different content - tell me. I'm listening.

  • Hear, hear! In a community like ours, being supportive and providing constructive criticism are things we should strive for. It's not all about techno-geeking out, fun though that sometimes is.

    I salute you for trying to bring some humanity to the equation and reminding us that we can all work to help others find the tools they need to be more productive in life! Looking forward to the next article and congrats on joining the team!

  • The first three comments are pure sarcasm aimed directly at the author and the retorts were quite friendly and amusing IMO. My conclusion: author handles criticism well.

  • I seem to have upset you over what is really a very small issue in the grand scope of life. I'm truly sorry you found this story a waste of your time. As for melodramatic - yes, I am indeed quite a drama queen and a bit of a diva. You are absolutely correct in that.

  • Thank you Wardies. That means a lot and I'm very happy to be here, and yes - bringing humanity to the equation is absolutely where my heart resides. Thanks for doing what you do and being a positive, supportive voice.


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