10 lifehacks for the Vivaldi browser

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    Hi there!

    In creating the Vivaldi browser we are trying to follow our traditional philosophy: provide users with maximum flexibility in web browser design. That's why we always add new cool features and expand on the options already available in Settings. It happens in nearly every build.

    And according to your feedback, you like the way we are doing things at Vivaldi. Of course it makes browser more complex and will sometimes generate a bug or two. However, you will get access to new features you didn't know you needed until you used Vivaldi. Today we want to show you a small list of Vivaldi «lifehacks» that can make your web browser experience even more smooth and efficient. More you!

    See the full blog post here

  • That boss-mode can be very useful ! (Which made me discover that I can actually tweak it, and even add filters of my own, amazing !) On Win: C:\Users(userName)\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application\1.2.490.43\resources\vivaldi\user_files

    EDIT: btw that filter_obscure isn't perfect. If you have an iframe, it will consider them prior to the whole page you're on. In other words: try this page, you'll see that the whole page will "un-blur" when the mouse is over, but YouTube videos stay blurred until you move over them. Is it intended?

  • Thank you so much for this! Browser this very good! Do not use the bookmarks bar, I prefer the Speed Dial, many folders and all organized by categories! :D
    Web panels streamlines a lot! :D
    A hug from Brazil team Vivaldi :oops::D

  • Oh and forgot to say one BIG thanks for your hard and dedicated work guys !
    I'm checking your blog many times a day because of you ! (Never a browser did this to me in my life)

  • LOL yesterday(!) I searched the forums like mad for finding the #5 livehack url :D made a bookmark when I found it

    BIC doesn't hide panel sidebar and tabs preview (if you have them aside), so not-so-secure ;)

  • Thanks for your support and love :D
    Would you please file a bug report on vivaldi.com/bugreport so that the developers can look into it? Thanks in advance for your help! :wink:

  • Beautiful we <3 it! :D

  • Great article and good tips.
    Many Thanks

  • Done. Glad to help !

  • About password, you should really abandon the chromium backend and develop one for yourself… Just to say, it isn't even portable, so if you've to change PC you can't port your passwords with you

  • 1. Boss Button: not secure enough. Need shortcut for Hide.
    2. Bookmark Sorting: Good, but we need separators
    3. Creating Bookmarks: Good enough for me
    4. Start Page: Needs more columns and scalable thumbs
    5. Saved Password Viewing: Too obscure for non-Geeks. Add it to the GUI
    6. YouTube Channels: Web Panels rock.
    7. Fast Cloning: I use GestureDown
    8. Settings as Home Page: A waste. use shortcut Alt P or whatever
    9. Fast Search Tab: Speed Dial for Open Tabs like PDF-XChange Viewer might be better (see image) The thumbnail previews are already generated.
    10. Zig-Zag Gestures: A compromise for FlipBack/FlipForward and modifier key combos


  • OMG! I can edit tab s corners. :lol: :lol::oops:

  • And I want to add my own icons for site thumbnails. But when?

  • THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!! Both elements of VB17185 are now fixed in their entirety (both the earlier-fixed issue of unclickable bookmarks in the overflow area of the Bookmarks Bar, and the lingering issue of inability to display text-only bookmark titles in the bar)! Things are back to 'normal'. Now I can get back to using my work-flow of many years standing!

  • Moderator

    the only possible word i can write is Thank you

  • Nice! Will be sure to check on those later on.
    But seriously, can we have more columns on the SD now?

  • one request: the ability to use background images like say bing's daily pic or from what whatever sources a user likes

  • Currently, at least, for performance reasons it's not recommended to use a large image as the speed dial background. Try to find a nice pattern that you can tile. The free Genetic Viewer from Spiral Graphics can be used to create no end of bitmap patterns suitable for titling.


  • Don't forget to back up and re-apply your personal changes to those files after each update.

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