Snapshot 1.3.519.25 - Color picker for themes and more…

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    With the whole team gathered in Magnolia for our “Summer Camp”, you might be thinking that it’s all fun and games. Actually, we’ve been quite busy preparing this latest snapshot. Among many fixes and improvements, we have three main features for you to enjoy: color picker for themes and new setting for tabs closing behaviour (and helpful animation to tab thumbnails too).

    See the full blog post here

  • Nice to see it after a while. Thanks

  • How do I restore default themes? I do not want to clear my user profile!

  • Can anyone (maybe those, with broken bookmark tab in settings) confirm: Trying to open the bookmark tab in the settings and then trying to close the Tab wont work. The tab can't be closed and only a restart will help.

  • Click the button to edit a theme, and there is a 'reset' button to the right.

  • I don't see how to "add Speed Dial as your homepage".

  • Use
    as your homepage

  • I ended up deleting one of the default themes… Reset only works on undoing the changes that have been done to the theme being edited since last save! 🙂

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    I do not believe !! Finally 🙂 thanks 🙂

  • Nice new snapshot. Inline colour pickers are a good addition. It would be nice to see some more options related to themes, such as disabling the white background on favicons (e.g. in web panels). Right now I have to use custom css to fix that.

  • Lovely! Vivaldi is one great step closer to being my #1 browser. (Still using O12 here)

    Really love the simple theme editor here.

  • Doesn't seem to be the case for me.

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    Thanks for sharing this tip. @helsten2
    @Akbalder sorry my mistake, it's still in the pipeline but it's coming 🙂

  • A lot of nice "beauty pimping", but when can we expect some really important and already announced features like syncing or email client?

  • First of all, thank you so much for fixing that transparent background tabs issue! That is so much better, and is a lot like before.

    I also love that the rounded corners are somehow smoother! Wow! That's amazing.


    The text on tabs issue is still a little off, where on pages like, only the current tab text is supposed to be black. The text for non-current tabs is supposed to be white, like before in 1.2, when this wasn't a problem.

    Other things that could be black when it's supposed to be white is the audio icon when it's not on the current tab, like how I'm on this site listening to Soundcloud, the tab text for other tabs is white but the audio icon on Soundcloud is black. This wasn't an issue in 1.2, and should be fixed.

    I love that you fixed the minimize button being too low on W10, but now the close X button is a little off. It's sometimes black when it should be white.

    The loading bar when you have rounded corners is a little weird. It would be great if it could be adjusted to be rounded inside out, not outside in. And the loading bar doesn't reach the end of the address bar anymore. Instead, it reaches up to the bookmark icon.


    I love that you were able to round the new tab button. It'd be great to have the tab pop-up thumbnails rounded too. I would also like it if I could round things individually, on it's own scale. Maybe I want tabs to be rounded 4px, but have the new tab rounded at 12px or something.

    I would like to have the bottom of the current tab also rounded off, like in older versions of old Opera and other browsers, where it slopes up from the bottom of the address bar into the tab itself like in this picture:

    Font weight adjustment for things like address/search bar and it's pop-up menus(don't know what they're called) would be great as well.

  • I have troubles installing the snapshot - it says that the installer can't extract the archive…

  • Another notable new feature worth highlighting is: 🙂

    [New feature] Middle click to navigation buttons (Home, Reload, Back, etc.) opens in new background tab. (VB-16771)

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    and about the bookmarks importing, are the "nickname" and "description" moreover the bookmark bar/speed dial folder options supported?

  • Is there a way to pin a tab but not have the tab size become tiny? I want to lock an existing tab in place (to prevent closing) but preserve the size of the tab.

  • With the new tab options, if a close an inactive tab, my current active tab changes. For example, if I have Facebook open and create two new tabs, switch back to the Facebook tab, and close one of the new tabs, the active tab changes to Facebook to the other new tab. Is this intended behavior, or a bug? Is there a way to disable it?


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